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Danmachi: In the end I'm only human


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This is about Rayvel Canis, living in another world where power is everything. Other Tags that I can't put in: NeutralMC, CautiousMC, No Hero complex, NOHAREM! And please! Don't put your expectations too high on this FF, I'm still new Soo ya! And please read the Tags. Just doing this FF because I'm Bored of seeing all the System and Harem FF out there, I apologise if your offended.. I do not own the Picture. Leave a review if ya want.. I'm also open to criticism if it's backed by good reasons. If your just going to come here and hate it's preferable if you just leave peacefully, if not you can expect me to delete yo sh*ts. As I've said if you don't like it just leave, no one is forcing you to read this. Warning: this is a slow pace FF and I don't upload daily or even weekly as well as monthly, I just do when I'm feeling like doing so. And please correct me if I missed spelled something. {Author Out}


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