9 09 Shopping with the Goddess.

09Danmachi. Shopping with the Goddess.

Hmm... this is probably the longest chapter I have written so far... well, I hope you guys will enjoy this chapter..


" I will buy all of them. " Bell nodded in confirmation to the boy's question. He hopes that his Hestia liked roses. " But before that, do you have someone older with you? A guardian perhaps? "

Bell saw them showed a guilty expressions after hearing his question. There's only two possible scenarios Bell can think of by looking at these children's faces. Either they are being forced to sell these flowers or they are doing this on their own accord without their guardian's consent.

Bell continue conversing with them asking questions after questions till he was finally able to make the children spill all the beans.

It turns out that they are from the same poor orphanage at the slum area of the southwest main. This orphanage was being managed by two nuns that serves as their guardians. It seems like the nuns had left to collect donations from the citizens early this morning giving these kids an opportunity to sneak here and sell flowers to help in their financial crisis. The flowers they are selling are also from the garden they have painstakingly grown at the orphanage back garden. These kids are still very young, but already very reasonable. How adorable.

Bell gathered all of the roses on their arms before giving the oldest kid one big gold coin he took out from his pocket earlier.

" Mister this... this is too much. All the flowers should only worth over 400 valis. " said the boy, trying to give back the gold coin to bell that's worth a thousand valis.

" Oh, you know how to count huh? What's your name? "

" Mn. Sister Anna has been teaching us all how to read and write so I know how. And... my name is Lid. "

" I see. But you have to keep that coin already, Lid. " Leon didn't take back the coin but instead gave one more smaller one. " This too, use it to buy food for you and your friends here. "

" That... "

The boy Lid is still hesitating whether to accept it or not. Their sister Anna always reminds them not to take advantage of others and to live a straight and honest life. Lid felt that accepting more money from Bell is the same as cheating him so he is very reluctant. This is troublesome but Lid still nodded in the end, after another words of explanation from Bell. He along with his friends finally left after saying their last thanks to Bell, excited to tell their sister Anna about their 'huge' sale for today. Bell continue looking at their backs till he can't see them anymore.

1 200 valis might not be a huge amount of money but it can definitely last for awhile if was spend wisely. After all, a piece of a huge fried potato here in Orario is only around 30 valis. That money can buy those kids enough food for days without a problem.

Bell kinda like children personally as he find them very adorable and cute. He first wanted to give them more money but he's afraid that it might attract unnecessary attention and ends up bringing harm to those kids instead so he didn't. Especially now that they don't even have a guardian with them.

Shaking his head, Bell once again arranged the flowers on his arms. He used the knife on his waist to get rid of the unnecessary stems and leaves to them before buying a thin fabric at the shop nearby to wrap them, like a belt. It now looked like a modern bouquet of red roses.

" Bell!! "

Hestia was able to locate Bell very easily due to his extremely easy to spot on position along with the bizarre looking huge bouquet of red flowers he's holding with his hands. It's beautiful, undoubtedly but this was the first time Hestia saw someone carrying such huge quantity of flowers like that while standing in public. Wonder what was that for? She approached him.

Bell can't help but be stunned for a moment after his eyes laid upon Hestia.

' As expected of a Goddess. ' he thought.

Her long hair flowing freely on her back like a waterfall, her skin looks smoother with a hint of redness giving a beautiful pink color. She's wearing a blue one piece dress that Bell has never seen Hestia wears before. She probably just bought that dress today? Either way, the Hestia now is very fresh and beautiful without a doubt.

But she's fidgeting.

Hestia felt really nervous under Bell's gaze, her heart is beating fast. She's waiting for what he's going to say but even after a minute, Bell didn't speak a word but continue staring at her like a stunned rabbit.

" Bell-kun.. w-what do you think? I.. I looked different today, aren't I? "

Bell smiled. " Mn. You look perfect, Goddess. Though I personally think you look beautiful everyday. "

" Really?? "

Hestia felt very happy hearing those words from Bell. Like the wings of the butterflies in her stomach are fluttering nonstop. All the preparations she made before this was really worth it.

" Really. " Bell confirmed with a nod. " Here Goddess, these flowers are for you. "

" For me? Bell-kun.. "

Hestia was already feeling very happy but Bell telling that those flowers are for her was too much. It almost KOed her. She can't prevent her eyes getting moist.

Hestia happily received the bouquet of roses from Bell and held it really tight. It's huge but Hestia didn't mind that at all, she simply love them.

" Thank you, Bell-kun. "

" Bell. "

" Hmm? "

" Call me Bell from now on, Goddess. Everyone does so I hope you will too? "

" I.... " Hestia's face turned even redder but she tried to hide it by lowering her head. " B-Bell. "

" Great. Now let's go, Goddess. You haven't eaten anything yet right? Let's get something to eat first before we visit the market. "

" Eh? But Bell-.. I mean... "

Hestia still wanted to say something but wasn't able to as Bell had already pulled her towards the cafe nearby. She can only accept her fate and agree to him.

Behind the thick bushes..

Rows of beautiful woman are kneeling on the cemented ground. They have been here for quite awhile now watching Hestia and Bell's interaction with each other. Like watching a movie.

" Sniff.. That.. That's very..... great right? " said one of them while wiping the corner of her eyes using a small folded handkerchief.

Not only her, but most of the women with her either have the same moist and red eyes like they just finished crying or was about to.

" Umm.. Didn't believe I can watch romantic scene like that today. It's very pure.. "

" Right? So that's the man Hestia has been talking about huh, he's cute. I even wanted to keep him for myself to keep. "

Hearing the discussions of her fellow Goddesses, Demeter, the Busty Honey-haired Goddess let out a kind but seductive chuckle. They have followed Hestia all the way here to personally see the person she's going to meet.

A man who was able to pierced through Hestia's formidable fortress should be a very special person. After all, he managed to do something that even the countless Gods in heaven couldn't. They became very curious.

What they saw was a man, no, a young man around 14 to 15 years old, with white hair and ruby eyes. Their first impression? - A cute looking young man.

So this was Hestia's type?

They wanted to get closer, to know him more but when they are about to rush in, something made them paused. It's not a tangible object but still able to blocked their path from moving forward.

Like as if the time had entered slow motion itself, the bright sun also participated and gave the perfect lighting. A very pure, gentle and beautiful scene slowly unfolded right in front of them.

From Bell giving flowers to Hestia, to him complementing her appearance all the way to when they finally left. Those things had only taken place for a few minutes but for these Goddesses, it's like an hour. They even hope it will extend more as they find it very entertaining.


That's what most if not all, are the main reason why God's came down here in Gekai. It may come from different shapes and styles depends on Gods and Goddesses but it is all for the sake of seeking enjoyment for them.

" Let's go, they are already gone. We can ask Hestia for more details next time once we saw her again. Let's leave those two alone for now. " said Demeter before turning around preparing to leave. The other Goddesses took one more look at Bell and Hestia's direction before following after Demeter.

" Bell, look look. What do you think about these pillows? Should we take the blue one or the red one? Ahh! This bed too, Bell. It's so soft, let's take this too, shall we? What to do.. ahh.. they are all beautiful, I can't choose... I want them all. "

Still at the southwest main market, Hestia keeps on asking for Bell's opinion for almost, no, for all the products she wanted to buy. She's very lively, energetic and excited today as her body as if jumping around the places, shop after shop pulling Bell along with her.

They have been shopping like this for almost three hours now but the word exhaustion doesn't seemed to apply on this loli Goddess at all. Happiness fuels her body to function without stop.

As for the bouquet of roses Bell had given her before, Hestia left it in the cafe as she's afraid it will get damaged or dirty if they will bring it along with them. She told the owner of the cafe that she will retrieve those flowers tomorrow and asked them to take care of it.

" Hmm.. I personally like the Blue colored ones but if you like the red, then we will take that, Goddess. " replied Bell patiently. Both his arms now has a lot of things on them, big and small bags especially. The things he's carrying have long exceeded his own weight but looking at his Goddess, it seems like they still have a long way to go.

" What are you talking about, Bell? What you like is what I like. This blue colored one then. " Hestia said in a matter of fact tone. " Store owner, please pack these things for us! "

" Right away, dear customers. That will be 10,400 valis in total. If you pay fifty more valis, we will deliver it to your place as long as it's within the southwest main area. "

" Really? Then we will pay fifty more valis. Here's our address. "

Hestia quickly agreed to the store owner's suggestion because it will be troublesome to carry those light but huge things around. Especially now that Bell's hands are holding a lot of things already.

Finished taking care of everything, the two of them finally came out of the shop and continue roaming the streets buying all the things they want, or it's better to say, what 'Hestia' wants. She pretty much bought every things they will be needing in their house. In one trip!

By the time Bell and Hestia came back to their home, they are not just exhausted, but also broke - COMPLETELY. All the money Bell had earned from the dungeon was all spent by his Goddess without her even realizing it despite her holding all the money. Hestia keeps on apologizing to Bell on their way home blaming herself but Bell only laughed it off and pats her on the head saying it's fine. He can still earn more once he returned to the dungeon tomorrow.

Besides, they had also brought food and ingredients with them that might last for almore than a week since they are only two of them in a familia.

They started shopping at around 9:35 am sharp and arrived at home by past 3 pm. None of them even eat but simply slumped on their bed and fell asleep. It was only when the clock hits 6 pm did Bell and Hestia finally woke up in each others arms. It's really been a long tiring day for the both of them.

But they had both enjoyed it, that's all what matters.


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