1 Chapter One

'Take it' the young white girl urged, thrusting the gun at the sixteen-year-old black youth, who immediately backed away.

No!, he said fervently. 'My old man would bust my ass. '

The girl, clad in a mini-skirt and tight tank top, had long legs, a big bosom, a pointed face, hazel eyes heavily outlined in black, and unevenly cropped dark hair. She stared at the boy scornfully. 'Chicken !' she jeered, in a scathing voice. 'Daddy's little baby chickee boy. '

'No way!' he grumbled, pissed that she would talk to him that way. he was tall and gangly with large ears that stuck out, and big brown eyes.

'Oh, yes,' she taunted. 'Way!'

On impulse he snatched the gun out of her hands, 'satisfied?'

The girl nodded, hazel eyes gleaming. She was eighteen, but looked older. 'Let's go,' she said authoritatively. It was obvious who was in charge.

'Go like where?'he asked, wishing she would be a bit nicer. She was always so short with him.

'To have a blast,'she answered airily. 'Y'know, cruise around, get shit-faced. We'll take your car.'

His father had recently bought him a black jeep for his sixteenth birthday. It was also a present to celebrate their return to LA after a year and a half a living in New York.

'I dunno...'he said hesitantly, remembering that tonight he was supposed to have an early dinner with his dad, but thinking that the idea of getting shit-faced with her seemed much more appealing. 'An'why we need a gun?'he added.

The girl didn't answer, she simply made chicken noises as she sauntered towards the door.

The boy followed, his eyes glued to her legs. He had a hardon, and he know that if he played it right, tonight might be the night he scored.