Dangerous Kiss

'Those lips! 
Those eyes!
Oh behave! ' Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Dangerous Kiss 'Those lips! Those eyes! Oh behave! '


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In Cbances Lucky grew up in a top crime family, in Lucky she was married three times, in Lady Boss she took on Hollywood and bought panther studios, and in Vendetta: Lucky's Revenge, she fought off a life-long enemy to keep the studio and her husband. Now, in Dangerous Kiss, when a member of her family is brutally gunned down in a random car-jacking, her fury knows no bounds. While tracking the killer, her relationship with her husband is put severely to the test. And suddenly into her life comes a man from her past. A man with a dangerous kiss... Dangerous Kiss is a story of raw anger, love, lust, murder and revenge, and at its white-hot centre is Lucky Santangelo, a strong exciting woman, who dares to take chances-and always wins.