4 Where it All Started

THEY say that everything was given a chance to live. It was given by the highest God of the land. They say that what God gave you has a purpose. But one lone spirit was asking why does it have to live in a dark cold place?

It wasn't able to leave nor see what the outside world looked like. It didn't even see the ray of light. But it was alive. Maybe just maybe it has a purpose.

But how long must it wait to serve its purpose?

How much time left does it have?

Will its lifetime be over before it can do what she needs to do?

Or living in the dark was its sole purpose?

Understanding the feeling of isolation. Alone in the dark.

But the spirit was afraid that what if it'll be its last lifetime? Will the spirit be able to reincarnate? Or this will be the end?

The spirit wanted to ask all that but to whom when it was all alone. It wanted to ask the Gods of all the Gods of the land if the spirit was able to fulfill the task that was given to it.

The spirit just actually wants to know if it has served the Gods to their utmost pleasure.

If the spirit had a purpose.

Sadness was clearly draining the life of the spirit. It knew that any time, it would be returning to where it should be. And it was up to the Gods if it would be given a chance.

{Ah, time would surely come. I just wish I had someone I could be with when my time comes.} The spirit whispered as it doesn't have anyone to talk to. It didn't know if her voice was enough for someone to hear. {I wish that when I'm given another chance to live, it'll be in a brighter world. And I'd be able to play like what I'm hearing in a faraway…And I wish that I won't be alone.}

The spirit is getting tired. Its glow was starting to fade when something blinded it. Too bright. Too warm. It was the opposite of what it was staying now. Maybe it was the end.

"Oh, I didn't know there would be a living spirit here," said of a warm voice.

{Mama?} The spirit said while it was feeling the warmth emitting from the owner of the voice.

The warm voice silently laughed. "I can say that I'm not."

The spirit can feel the warmth getting closer and as it did, the leaves that it had been staying in started to unfold. The spirit cannot still see who or where the warmth is coming from until it felt a slow warm stroke.

"You little poor thing," said the majestic voice. "Don't worry, you won't be alone. I'd be staying here for a while."

{How long…how long is a while?} the spirit innocently asked.

"For a while," said the woman with a warm smile.

The spirit jolted by what it saw. It can already see what was around it. It wasn't dark. It was too bright. And it was coming from the woman who was sitting beside where the spirit was.

"Oh, don't be startled, little one." The woman backed away a little with a worried face. "You've been living inside this cave since the day you were made. And no one noticed that you have been alone here. I'm so sorry, my dearest flower girl."

Now the spirit can see. She was a flower who was born inside a cave. And when this woman besides her came into the cave, the warmth gave her strength to open up.

{Mama?} she asked again for it was the same warmth before she came into this cave.

"Yes, my sweet flower, I'm Amaterasu Omikami."

A gasp escaped her lips as she looked at the God who was in front of her. She cannot be mistaken. the Gods of all the Gods was with her. Maybe that was why the warmth that the woman was emitting was the same when she was brought down here. She was her mama.

"My apologies for leaving you here for so long," Amaterasu's lonely voice echoed through the cave along with her small sobs. "I wasn't able to know that you are suffering here. And here I am hiding inside your home."

{Mama,} the flower girl said as she extended her small hands. {Mama. Thank you.}

"Oh," tears swelled as she extended her finger to touch her. "Thank you, little one. I hope you are not disappointed with someone as petty as me."

The flower girl may not have asked but it was written on her face so Amaterasu started to tell her story.

She was hiding from the people. Hiding from her family as she was so ashamed as she suspected his brother's sincerity in finally giving up on fighting on who to rule the lands. Thus his brother challenged her. That if she wins, her brother isn't sincere in saying goodbye before his banishment.

Now, she was ashamed to agree with it. She was ashamed of feeling that her brother cheated. She was so ashamed that she didn't want to believe that sincerity. That it was her that won since Susanoo was using her necklace. That it was her necklace that gave him the power. Thus defeating her.

When everyone believed what she said, that Susanoo was lying with his sincerity, her brother got angry and ruin the Heavens and Earth. He wreaked havoc and killed all who are dear to her.

It was then Amaterasu realized her mistake. So, she hurriedly fled and hid where no one would know where she was.

"And now I found you, my little one. And here I saw that I'm neglecting on loving everyone just to protect my throne." A tear started to fell again. "I was given this task to protect everyone. But here I am, neglecting you."

A tear fell at the flower girl's petal. She looked at it and went back to looking at Amaterasu. Wishing that she was big enough to hug her mama. Instead, she just held on tight at Amaterasu's finger.

It was then a smile form on her lips. "Do you accept my apology, my dear?"

The flower girl nodded. She smiled at Amaterasu hoping that the warmth of her smile was enough.

"Thank you, my sweet sweet girl." Amaterasu then carefully lifted her and gave her a kiss. "You're so small yet so warm. Despite living in the dark cold place, you still love this petty God."

The Flower girl shakes her head for disagreeing with what Amaterasu said. She may have left her in that cave but she was still thankful for giving her a chance to live. Some still may not have been resurrected or given life, while she was there. Alive and was able to meet her creator.

{I dare not be angry with the one who gave me life. Yes, it was lonely, dark, and cold. But I think it was my purpose to know all these feelings. What if I'd be given a chance to live again, I would make sure that no one in your creations will feel this kind of loneliness.}

"Oh, how did I ever make this kind of beauty?" Amaterasu was so astonished at what the flower girl said. Most of the creation that she had made, we're succumbed to darkness and loneliness thus turning into a Yokai.

"How could I repay you, my sweet flower? How?" she said as if she was pleading to be forgiven.

The flower girl just smiled and shook her head. {You are here now, mama. I can finally fulfill the life that was given to me. Living in this cave gave me questions. Questions that made me asked my existence. But now, feeling your warmth and letting me see your light, I know now why I am here. The last moments of my life, that I dedicate to be your companion.}

A soft smile curved into Amaterasu's lips. She wasn't satisfied with what the little one had given her. But it was warm enough to calm her dying heart.

The flower girl was small. But it didn't lose hope. This little one cast away the darkness after seeing the light. And too her, as the bringer of light to all of her lands, she didn't know how to see the light for she was the light. Maybe it blinded her to the point that she didn't see what was happening.

Her brother Susanoo, was he always in the dark?

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If she wasn't fixated in her thought that Susanoo will always take her throne, would she gladly accept his sincerity? If she would think that this little flower would take her throne, would she believe all that she said?

And now, it'll be too late. Her brother may have already gone. Like how her husband, Tsukuyomi, would turn his back when she wakes up and would only arise when she's already asleep.

Now, that she finally hid, would they be at peace? Would they still be fighting for the throne?


Amaterasu looked at the flower still sitting in her hands. Worried in her face was written. "Mama is okay, little one. I just…need to clear my mind. Can I leave you in your flower for a while?"

Amaterasu chuckled softly. "I'm not going to leave you, little flower. I'd be just sitting there by the water. I'd come back. I won't leave you this time. If…If the day would come that I would be leaving your cave, I would take you with me."

That was only then the little flower be able to let go of Amaterasu. She watched as the Goddess walked to the water. Her beautiful creator. Her mother. Her mama.

This time she won't be alone anymore.



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