3 If it’s True

GUMI came into Sora's office as Eiki walked behind her with an apologetic nod. Gumi was clearly agitated and it wasn't new to him. Dandy—no, Gumi started to act that way a month after she came back.

He wasn't used to it before as Dandy was a very bright person. It was very seldom to see Dandy in that kind of state. If she was, she would be probably angry at those who would hurt the forest. But the Dandy in front of him now is far different from how he remembered Dandy.

"What is it this time?" He asked as he looked back to the papers that he was reading.

"You're really asking me that now when you haven't called me all day." Gumi started complaining. "I've been calling you since morning. I told Eiki to tell you that you should call me back. Did he even say that?"


"Then why didn't you?"

Sora sighed and put down his pen. "Cause I'm busy, Gumi. You know that I still have a meeting later."

That was when Gumi's face softened. "Can't you cancel it?"

"No. I'm sorry." He said in his final tone. "Ah, Eiki," he called to his secretary when he came in for the coffee. "please take these papers, and what time was the meeting again?"

"It'll be in ten minutes at conference three, President," Eiki informed as he glanced in his watch.

"Okay, Thank you." He dismissed Eiki as he looked back at Gumi with much annoyance in her face now. "Can you wait for me here? You should have waited at your home or the mall. I could just fetch you from there."

"And then what?" Gumi stood up and slowly walked to his table. "So, you could have gone with Maeko behind my back?"

Anger quickly raised in Sora's head. "What are you talking about? Are we back in talking about Maeko? Stop being jealous, okay?"

"You thought I didn't know, did you?" Gumi continued ignoring again what Sora said. "You are going back to my flower bed as if I'm still not back. I'm already here, Sora. Who are you still looking for?" A glimpse of tears started to swell in her eyes.

The memory of Dandy crying as she disappeared came back to him. Seeing Dandy cry traumatizes him big time.

Sora just closed his eyes and stood up. Walked around his table and hugged Gumi. "I'm sorry. I'm not going back there. I know that you're back. See, we're having dinner tonight to celebrate the day you came back. It has already been a year. So, don't cry, okay? Everything will be back to the way it is. Take time to remember everything."

He felt Gumi hugged him as tightly as she could. The way Dandy hugged him before. The only difference was the warmth, her smell, her smile, the twinkle in her eyes. But still, Gumi has the same face as Dandy. And it was enough. He shouldn't let doubt cloud his judgment.

"I love you, Sora," Gumi whispered.

"I know," he answered.

A few minutes passed before they both let go of each other. Sora held Gumi's face in his hand. He gently stroked her cheeks to wiped off a few tear stains. Gumi smiled as he almost sees Dandy but he was still looking for something.

He softly smiled at her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "I'll be back. So, wait for me."

"Okay." Gumi then smiled at him and give him another tight hug.

He chuckled and kissed her again. It was a few rare moments that he could peacefully say that. Most of the time, Gumi would throw tantrums first before agreeing. And most of those times, he would ask himself;

{Are you really back, Dandy?}


SORA didn't know what to do anymore. Gumi started having a fit again after she found out that their dinner was changed to 634 Musashi Sky Restaurant at Sky Tree. It was far different from what she wanted and it looks like Eiki forgot that Gumi was not really fond of heights. Now, Gumi wasn't really looking forward to this dinner.

"Should we just cancel this?" he asked and really was ready to turn his back once they got out of the elevator.

"Then where would we eat? Probably most of the restaurants are all fully reserved." Laced with a fit of anger was present in Gumi's voice. "let's just stay here and besides I'm tired. Unless you want—"

Sora didn't mind what Gumi was about to say. He knew what she was implicating and really, it was giving him a headache.

"Good evening, sir. Reservation for?" Maitre d' greeted them with a smile.

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"Inoue. Sora Inoue."

The woman quickly looked at her list and guide them to one of the tables near the corner. "Enjoy your stay, Sir, Miss." She nodded and left.

"I don't understand why people love this place," Gumi was still rumbling in front of him but he didn't hear much as he was busy fumbling with his phone.

He just received a message from Maeko. She was already at Takachiho, in Dandy's Flower Bed.

Maeko: I'm already here. And the grasses are still green.

Sora: I told you it was useless to come back.

Maeko: are you already given up on her?

Sora: I already have her here. There's no point in going back there.

Maeko: if she's really Dandy. Why wouldn't she go back here? Looks like she's avoiding coming back.

Sora: maybe she doesn't want to remember what happened when she left.

Sora: maybe some other time. We would go back there. The two of us. Maybe she would go back if you won't come along.

Sora: I'm sorry.

He was still looking at his phone. Maybe waiting for Maeko to get angry again. But his friend didn't say anything. What he said was a little rash but he thought it was for the best.

"Are you listening, Sora?" It was Gumi. Looks like she was done with her tantrums. And since he wasn't listening, it might start another one again.

"What?" He mindlessly answered, Maybe his mind was still at what he said at Maeko or the thought that he should have gone with Maeko to see the flower bed.

When he saw Maeko's message, a feeling of longing washed his heart and it gave him stabbing pain. That even Gumi with the face of Dandy was in front of him, he still missed her. His heart was still looking for Dandy. His Dandy.

And before he can even think of what to answer to Gumi, the words just came out of his mouth and that gave Gumi another reason to get angry.

"We shouldn't have come here." Her voice silent, too silent to be complacent that she wasn't angry. "This just… what you just did…" she didn't even finish what she was about to say and just stood up and walked to the elevator.

Sora just runs his hands to his face. What was he thinking? What was he even doing? He was there to celebrate the day Dandy came back to him. But he was thinking of the ghosts of the past. The Dandy that he fell in love with was already gone. He already mourned for it. And now that she is back, he shouldn't be looking or misses the old Dandy.

"Stupid. Stupid Sora." With a grunt, he quickly followed her to the elevator. "Gumi!" he called back.

Gumi just looked back at him when the elevator opened. Anger was flashed on her face but that was not the reason why he stopped short from his tracks.

{Morning Dew.}

He wouldn't mistake that scent in any other thing. It was Dandy. His Dandy.

Sora violently searched from where that scent came from. Followed the scent as he walked past from guests and waiters of the restaurant.

And then he stopped. One table away from him was a woman with a very unfamiliar face but a presence that his heart cannot ignore.

He felt his phone vibrated and took it out from his pockets. He almost cried when he saw what Maeko just sent. It was a small yellow flower. The image was a little blurry but he knows what it was.

{My Dandy.}

And as if the wind carried what he was thinking, the girl looked back at him. Shocked, longing and happiness were drawn in her face. The girl stood up and walked towards him.

"E-excuse me, have…we meet before?"

A sweet, sweet smile curved on her lips as she nods vigorously. "I know you. From here," she said as he touched where her heart is. "I've been looking all over for you."

Sora can feel the knot on his forehead. Why does this girl look very familiar? She isn't doing anything but his heart aches so much that it was hard to breathe?

He was about to ask questions to the girl when his phone vibrated. It was Gumi, calling. He answered the call but the girl stopped him from answering Gumi. She slowly shook her head.

A sniffle was heard in the other line. They can both hear Gumi's voice from the other line but Sora ignored all of it and was fixated on the girl in front of him.

It was impossible what he was thinking. That the girl in front of him was Dandy. The Dandy that he fell in love with. But If this girl was Dandy, who is Gumi?

"Please remember me, Sora." The girl said in a familiar softness of her voice.

"Sora?" Gumi's voice was closer than earlier.

Sora looked back and saw Gumi standing not too far away from him. "Gumi," he called.

When Gumi looked from him to the girl. Shocked was clearly seen on her face. She immediately walked towards Sora and held his arms, away from the girl.

"Who are you? And why are you talking with my Sora?"

Shocked was also clear on the girl's face. Tears fall from her eyes as she told him, "I'm Dandy. I'm Dandelion of the forest. Remember me, Sora." She reached out to him but before the girl can even touch Sora, Gumi catch her arm and held it like.

"Don't listen to him, Sora," she hissed as she held his arm tightly. "And you don't come near him." Gumi wasn't shouting but the anger in her voice was like a dagger stabbing the girl.

And when Gumi pushed the girl away, he saw a spark-like light. He saw the panicked face of the woman with the girl. He can't understand what she said nor what Gumi was saying. Everyone shouted. Everyone panicked. Sora doesn't understand what was happening. The pain in his heart, his headaches, the arm where Gumi was holding, prickles. Everything was starting to get blurry and then everything just turned black.

{Is this the end?}


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