35 Hosuseri—The Unknown Deity

SERI watched his son walked away before looking around. The place didn't change much. New trees have grown, some died. Animals were fewer but enough to sustain the life of the forest. Old deities are still there, weak because people now focused on something tangible. Forgetting how these deities took care of the land.

His sight lingered in one direction when saw a glowing figure not too far from him. He knew who it was and he knows that he had been following them earlier. He slightly nodded at it before following his son out of the forest.

"Did my son disturb your peace?" Seri asked as the glowing figure started to walk to him. "we are sorry. That…wasn't supposed to—"

"Hosuseri," called the majestic voice of the man that guards the river of the forest. "It has been a long time since you last came here. Where have you been?"

Seri chuckled when he heard his old name. "I go by the name of Seri now. Calling me that makes me remember of who I was before."

"Your father, he's been long asleep in the depths of the mountains. Have you gone there to visit them?"

Seri shook his head. "Do I have to? I know he doesn't mind if Im here or not, Lord Kahaku."

"I doubt that," Kahaku answered before falling into silence.

Seri sighed as he looked around. It was getting dark but his eyes adjusted like the forest wasn't embraced by the darkness. It was one of his privileges as a deity and as the great-grandson of the Sun Goddess. The unfamous son of Ninigi.

He remembered whenever his father Nigi would take him and his brother up in Takamagahara, his brothers would be welcomed and played with deities and Gods, while he would be like a flower in the wall. He doesn't really mind.

Having all of those eyes looking and watching your every move is suffocating. And he was thankfully being a wallflower. Given that privilege, he can see everything. Everyone's every move. Thus adapting it as his power.

He just really hates the limelight. And run away from this land. He just came back a few years, after hundreds of years away from here. Made a family. Live a normal life.

But looks like his luck had run out. For as soon as his son turned ten, he noticed that an eye of the Sun Goddess had been following him. It was then he knew that they were needed here in his hometown.

"Ha," A big sigh escaped Seri's lips. "it has been so long. Been so long." He chuckled again as he turned his attention to Kahaku. "But I guess, one will sometimes come back to the lands he grew up in."

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Kahaku slightly laughed, he might have heard the sarcasm in his voice before nodding. "Have you heard from the Goddess?"

It was Seri's turn to nod. "Not directly and not all. All I know is that Sora needed to be hear. I didn't ask any detailed question. All I asked if it would benefit my son in the end. She said not only him but all of the Gods and Goddess."

"And you trusted the Goddess?"

"Why wouldn't I? She's my great grandmother," he laughed a little. She may not have heard from Amaterasu personally, but being on her side, he knew how Amaterasu works. It has always been for the greater good.

"Are you sure, Seri? Your son's future is in her hands. Aren't you…worried?

Seri just looked at Kahaku before looking at where Sora walked, "Who am I to refuse? I'm just a mere deity with no special attributes."

"No, special attributes?" Kahaku snickered. "keeping the balance in the celestial world is not what you called a 'no special attributes', Seri. You know you are the only one who can change everything if something will go wrong."

Seri smirked. "Well, I guess so. But who am I to take sides? Maybe I'd take sides if I feel something…something off. You know what I mean?" Kahaku just kept his silence. "Ah, this Gods. Having their way just because they have the power. All I wanted to do now after living in this world for so many years is to rest like how my father laid rest with mother." He laughed as he looked around again.

The lands, the mountains. Those trees and flowers that blossoms. It symbolizes his father Ninigi and his mother Konohanasakuya here in Miyazaki prefecture where his parents met. Where he lived his life, together with his two brothers. One, that was gifted with great hunting skills and whom bore the legacy of the first emperor. And one, with the gift of being a great fisherman and made greatest clan whom vowed to serve the royal family of the first emperor.

And that left him, with nothing. As being born with no special talent. Living his eternal life redundantly.

"But I think your duty is just starting." Kahaku cut his silent musing.

"Should I say finally?" Kahaku didn't answer him. Seri just continued spilling his thoughts. "All this time, I'm used to living in the shadow of my brothers, Hoderi and Hoori. I don't need it now and I don't need even before."

Silence reigned between them. One who doesn't know what to say and one who doesn't want to say anything.

It was Kahalu who broke that silence, "Let's just hope that it will be for the best. For me. For you. Fdor your son. For that predious little deity and for every creature in this land."

Seri sighed again.

"Careful, your soul might run away." Kaghaku joked before walking away. "I'm going back. Your son is coming back for you. I say, let them be together, Seri. Let's not meddle with their…fate."

Seri didn't answer again. For he knows, it wasn't fate that brought his son and that little girl together.

{Goddess Amaterasu, Great gran, does this really need to happen? Does my son really have to be involved?}

"Dad?" Sora's voice can be heard not far from where he is.

"I'm coming, son," he called back and started to walk out of the forest. Hoping that the bad feeling he has, will just because of what has happened today.


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