Dancer or Soldier of Time Book

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Dancer or Soldier of Time


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Welcome To A World Of Different Possibilities! Where Fiction Is Explained. Where Travel Through Space Is a Breeze. Where The Mysteries Of The Unknown And Forgotten Are Rediscovered. Follow Kyrniz as she journey's to Remember What and Who she is. From Different points of view, we will Uncover Mysteries You, have Thought of? Dreamt of? Hear about?.. but probably forgot.... maybe ... A Different Form of Writing that Allows One to Think about Different Things. That do have something to do with the progression of my story. From the Evilness of disappearances, to what goes on when specific events happen unexpectedly, to the past that is a dream but not, What happens when specific 'locked in time' moments that cannot be undone happen? To a new world that is older than the oldest, deadly and secret. Do you dare to challenge your mind on being a descendant of an Impossibiliter? Or Discard this book for being Impossible to read? The Choice Is Yours ^~^


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