1 Prologue

The cold wind of the valley of Jie blew hard.

Jie's residence was filled with white and black flags for mourning, and it added to the cold atmosphere of deep sorrow. Hong's large kites were abandoned in the corner of the warehouse not far from the kitchen and soon will lose their meaning with time.

Three days, Bai Hu decided to let Hong's body in the cave even though his heart had stopped beating. The Blue Cold Jade would protect his body from damage, and he would remain perfect until the day of his funeral.

Fei had locked himself in the cave for days until he fell down. Bai Hu also came and sat for a long time beside Hong and hoped that Hong would open his eyes. Wishing that the physician's diagnosis might be wrong, Hong might still have hope, but, he didn't.

Long white flags filled every peg of the Jie mansion. The servants to the guards couldn't hold back their deep sorrow. Everyone was crying, not having any more energy to do anything. San Tu cried day and night non-stop. Even while cooking medicine for his young master Fei he tried to hold back his tears. Aunt Lu who used to cook food for Hong was also crying until her eyes were swollen.

"Young master Hong"


Faraway in a valley. Greenish and beautiful, as far as the eye can see. Full of beautiful colourful plants and trees with big flowers on each stem.

The extremely dazzling Valley of Jie is the area where the great residence of the Jie family is located.

The family consists of the head of the family.

Bai He, who is still very victorious with his nickname as the Graceful White Crane of the south. Apart from his unmatched martial arts skills, Bai Hu also has an extraordinarily handsome face whos able to conquer the heart of the only spoiled daughter of the former Tang Emperor, TangYuan, whose beauty couldn't even be described with mere words.

They have two sons. Fei Er and Hong Er are amazingly handsome. Of course, everyone can guess where they got their almost perfect face and body shape from.

Fei Er is a young master, with an educated demeanour, mastered almost all musical instruments, good at martial arts and swordsmanship. He always comes as the number one champion in archery and hunting.

Becoming a young master is his right from birth. Born into a wealthy family, even at a young age, many respected families are ready to offer their daughter to become his wife in the future.

Fei Er loved his little brother, Hong Yuan so much, more than anything.

It's love at first sight, as far as he remembered. One day when he was five years old and contemplating himself alone in his room, he heard a very loud baby cry from his mother's room. A small baby with slightly curly red hair and eyes suddenly stopped crying and laughing at him. Holding Fei's cheek with his small and tiny hand and Fei Er fell in love at first sight with his baby brother.

Days with Hong Er were the happiest days ever. Having someone who admires him, who always follows him wherever he goes always watching his every move. That child slowly becomes another part of Fei Er, a part that he won't be able to let go of at all.

And time flies so fast.

Fei Er grew up to be a tough young man. Possessing a high level of martial dexterity, educated and generous. Especially he grew up to become the man every young girl dreams of seeing.

Meanwhile, Hong Er grew into a sweet young man, with a cheerful face, smiling broadly like the sun. A smooth and beautiful face like a girl which made him often get disrespectful treatment from johns who saw him. Things that made Fei Er often hot and clinging to him wherever he went. But, he couldn't do that forever, no matter what, they grow up.


A year ago.

The sound of musical instruments could be heard along with the wind that blows gently.

The smooth rhythm of the zither and harp filled the void.

The late class in the afternoon. Fei Er was still enjoying his music class together with the master who specially came from the south, Gui fu La Yi. A middle age with almost all white hair and a beard. A friendly face that always smiled, smooth hand movements, well-educated man who relied on music, as the pleasure of life and also his livelihood.

Fei Er looked at the empty seat not far beside him. It was Hong's but again the boy couldn't even be seen anywhere.

Fei Er was about to finish the final chapter of his music when he heard loud and fast footsteps coming in from outside.

"Young master! Young master, something bad!"

San Tu the young man who had been Fei Er's servant since childhood entered quickly. He was still panting trying to collect his breath when he arrived in front of Fei Er who had stopped moving his finger on the lute.

"San Tu what's wrong?"

San Tu pointed towards the outside of the hall, his face red with anxiety.

"M-Master Hong, something bad happened, Young Master let's hurry!"

Fei Er didn't get an explanation from San Tu about what happened. But anything related to Hong Er must be important. Immediately Fei Er's knees move quickly and get up, saying goodbye to his teacher before running out of the hall.

"Excuse me, Teacher"

Gui fu just waved his hand while stroking his beard. He could understand the situation.

"Well, please Young Master"


On the lake at the back of the house.

Several young maids stood by the lake. A woman in luxurious clothes and very beautiful hair accessories stood in between looking at the lake where the water was still rippling.

"Oh, Hong Er! how is this?"

The beautiful woman is none other than Tang Yuan, the fifth daughter of the previous emperor Tang Lie. She bit her silk handkerchief anxiously while seeing that several other big houses maids already plunged into the water. But still couldn't find Hong Er everywhere. She panicked and couldn't do anything while her men tried to find the boy.

Fei Er appeared from behind quickly.

"Mother, what happened?"

Tang Yuan pointed to the middle of the lake.

"Fei Er, Hong Er fell into the lake. His band fell into the water and he tried to pick it up, but he wasn't careful and..oh my Hong Er."

Fei Er widened his eyes, how could Hong Er fall into the middle of the lake? He can't swim, this is very dangerous. Without thinking too long Fei Er took off his shoes and jumped into the pool.

"Fei Er!"

"Young master!"

Tang Yuan was too late to stop him when Fei already plunged into the water.

Cold, dim light from above the lake, calm water inside, deeper and deeper Fei Er is trying to find Hong Er where is he? It's been too long, don't let anything bad happen to him.

By the lakeside,

Tang Yuan and the others waited anxiously.

"Young Master Fei!"

"Young Master Hong Er!" call the servants. All anxiously waiting for even some of the workers that Tang Yuan ordered to no avail, until..

From the other side appeared someone from the water, Fei Er, who was holding Hong Er in front of his chest.

"Hong Er!" Without thinking, Tang Yuan and her young maids ran around the lake.

Fei Er brought Hong Er to the shore, and quickly put his limp body on the ground. Hong Er was unconscious.

"Hong please wake up, Hong Er"

Fei lifted Hong Er's body from behind, pressing his stomach to get the water out. He succeeded but the young man remained unconscious. His wet red curly hair covered his cheeks, and his red lips turned slightly bluish. Hong didn't have much time if Fei didn't help him right then and there he would definitely lose him.

"Hong, please wake up, Hong Er"

Fei Er lowered his head, opened Hong Er's pale mouth and gave artificial respiration for him. This was the only way.

"Hong come on!"


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