1 Prologue

Sakura loves to cook. She hums to herself as she wrap her freshly made egg toast with a tin foil. She then placed it inside a tupperware, letting it cool for a minute before closing the container with the lid. She put it inside her black Dolce and Gabana back pack with a smile. Already visioning her best friend's beautiful joyous face when she gives it to her.

That's pretty much what she does every weekday before going to school. Locking the door of her dorm room, she proceeded to her usual morning destination, the dance major studio.

Sakura can dance yet she doesn't. But she appreciate it with utmost enthusiasm. Connected to it in a way that she can't fathom. Everyday she visits the studio before her culinary class for one person.

It was 6 am and when she entered the room, only one person was present, doing their stretching. The person was obviously sleepy but being a dedicated and committed person, she strictly followed her practice routine..

"Jjaeyeon," Sakura whispered. When Chaeyeon faced her, a smile immediately blossomed from her sleepy face.

"Saku-chan!" The girl sprang to her feet and walk up to her. She seems awake now, with a smile stretching her face. It became a part of her everyday warmup.

Sakura knelt down on the floor. Being a Japanese, she got used to sitting with both legs on one side. Chaeyeon had joked before that she sits like a mermaid. Sakura unzipped her bag and pulled out the tupperware. She opened it then handed the wrapped sandwich to Chaeyeon, who beamed at her with a grateful smile.

"You're the best, Saku-chan." Chaeyeon squeezed Sakura in hug before unwrapping the tin foil. She took a bite and moaned at its delectable taste. "I swear, you'll graduate with flying colors." She took another bite and offered it to Sakura.

Sakura shook her head side to side. "I'm fine watching you eat."

"Have you eaten something this morning?" Chaeyeon asked while raising her brows.

Sakura hesitated. This always happens–her forgetting to make a breakfast for herself because she doesn't have the appetite. But somehow, she never forgets Chaeyeon's smile whenever she presents her food. "I... didn't."

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Chaeyeon frowned and Sakura desired to rewind what she'd said. "That's not good, Saku-chan. Promise me this time you'll never forget to make one for yourself." Chaeyeon brought the sandwich up to Sakura's mouth.

"I promise," Sakura said before taking a huge bite just to please Chaeyeon.

Sakura was tired after today's dish demonstration containing countless ingredients with multiples recipes and sub concepts. She thought that that was the worse thing that could happen in a culinary class, which happens a lot for her distaste.

She hadn't seen Chaeyeon once, not even in the cafeteria during lunch. But then Sakura remembered Chaeyeon telling her that she will be busy preparing for a dance presentation at the end of the first semester.

She sighed and headed to prepare for the service.

The day was long but not bad. She and her partner, Chaewon, did a great job together at the service and she was ready to go home. She opened her phone to a text.

Chaeyeon-chan: I'm sorry for being too busy, Saku-chan. I miss you. Hope you'll bring me another delicious breakfast tomorrow. xoxo

Sakura plopped down to her bed after doing her nightly routine and in a minute, she fell asleep.

She heard giggles...she realized that it was hers. She watches with delight, her heart warm and her cheeks hurt from smiling but unceasing, she watch the little girl dance with zeal. The girl's hair swayed and moved as if dancing with her body, and then Sakura was being pulled. Suddenly, she was doing a full turn. The girl joined her in laughter as they dance, with a music that only them can hear.

"Sakura!" A deep voice of a female. She was pulled again but this time away from the girl until she fades out of her vision.

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