1 Chapter 1: Gold Digger

Scarlet's POV

"Okay, I'll meet you there."

As soon as the line cuts I give out a squeal and quickly move around the room to get ready.

I am so excited to meet Alex after spending the last week moping around, waiting for him, while he took a trip back to his hometown to meet his parents.

Putting on a cute sundress I run a hand through my light brown hair to manage the already made curls I did after showering an hour ago.

Deciding to keep my look natural I only put on a nude lip gloss.

Matching a pair of black 2-inch sandals with my sundress, I hurriedly slip them on.

Giving myself a one over I decide that I indeed look very cute and quickly head out of my apartment to take the small 5 min walk to the park.

Alex and I first met each other two months ago at a college party. He was the kind of guy that parents would never agree of, a rebel in the making and he was my type.

I initially refused any contact with him, but he had a way with words that would make girls fall at his feet.

I didn't love him yet, but I really liked being with him.

He was standing there, under a big oak tree waiting for me where I had first agreed to be his girlfriend.

The sun was going to set and the orange hues falling on his face made him look like an angel. I realized then, how accustomed I have become to that light smile he has been wearing.

Sneaking up behind him, I lunged at his leather clad back while shouting, "I missed you so much!"

He stumbles forward a little, unprepared, but doesn't let me fall.

Laughing slightly, he gently puts me down and turns around to show me his handsome face. The tattoos around his neck and chest are peeping out from the white wife beater he has worn, and it makes him look even more appealing than he already did.

"You had always been a very sneaky girl." He said, his deep voice immediately gaining my attention to see him smirking down at me.

"But isn't that how you like me?" I say, giving him a flirty smile.

He gives me a big grin, a very rare occurring one. Very similar to the one which I had branded as his fake smile. It was too bright to be true.

Making his way to a nearby bench he sits down on it. Patting the spot next to him he says, "I have got something for you."

Alex was the son of rich parents and he had always tried to shower me with costly gifts, but I had always refused them. My ego would never let me take things from others in return of my affection.

I had never been a girl who equaled love to money.

Confused, I walked over to him and complained, "I swear if you brought me another expensive gift, I will break up with you."

His expression quickly changes to a grim one on listening to my words.

Sighing I sit down next to him and gently cupped his face with my palms. Playing with the shiny metal piercing above his right eyebrow, I softly tell him, looking directly in his eyes, "I really missed you and want nothing else but to relax and cuddle with you."

His eyes flash with something, but he quickly hid it and pulled away from me.

Taking out a small box from his jean's pocket he placed them in my hand, "Open it."

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I tried to argue with him, but he gave me a sharp look and I complied hesitatingly.

I gasped.

The small box contained a very expensive looking sea shell pendant with a silver chain. The sea shell was of a beautiful turquoise color with shades of white and cream blended together. It had a magnificent texture which would make the owner very proud of its rare beauty, but it screamed money and that I could never agree to take.

"Alex, I can't take this." I say trying to force it back into his hands, "This must have cost you a fortune!"

He cleared his throat, something again flashes in his eyes and this time I recognize it.


He was feeling guilty for something, but why?

"Scarlet, please accept this as an apology," He said not meeting my eyes.

"Why? What did you do?" I say frantically, already thinking of the worst.

Did he cheat on me while he was away?

"I didn't do anything yet, but please forgive me for what I am going to do."

He said, his expression changing to an impassive one.

Like the night we first met.

And I instantly knew what was coming, having been in this situation several times before.

"I am breaking up with you Scarlet."

He said it in such an emotionless way that it made me pull myself away from him, standing on my feet.

It was getting dark. Dark shadows loomed over each other making it seem as if the nature itself had become sad.

I could feel the tears trying to come out and show my real emotions, but I wouldn't let them make an appearance, at least not for someone who didn't deserve them.

Grasping at my haywire feelings I coldly ask him, "Why?"

He seems to be shocked at hearing my voice so void of emotions as guilt again flashes through his still beautiful features.

"I didn't mean to hurt you Scarlet, but you were a challenge for me. You were so different from the other girls I had dated, and I had to make you mine."

His words still made my heart flutter a bit, but it instantly became painful thinking about what was happening.

Removing his eyes from my face he stood up and walked a little away from me staring where the sun had just set.

"But I realized later that I would never be able to keep you happy."

He then made eye contact and said, "You need a guy who is ready to settle down with you and who will only be committed to you. I can never be that guy and I know in the future I would hurt you. So, it's better if I let you go before you get more hurt than you already are."

His words were like a pleasant pain.

Pleasant to hear but painful to feel.

"Don't let any rumor get to you and remember you don't have to tell anything which happened between us to anyone if you don't want to. So please Scarlet, accept my gift and keep me as a happy memory that you will never come to look back for."

He takes out the locket from its small box and dangled it in front of my face.

His words finally struck me and instead of feeling sad I felt hot anger coursing through me.

I finally looked past all his sweet talk and realized what he meant and what he actually thought of me.

"You think I am a gold digger, who you can easily get rid of by giving her an expensive gift?" I shouted at him.

It would have been better if he would have just broken up with me but to be labeled as a gold digger was against my self-respect and I valued myself too much to stay quiet like a heartbroken girl.

"No! You have got it all wrong Scarlet."

"Admit it Alex. You used me and now you want nothing to do with me because you got bored. Don't you think I know about your player ways, but I was too naïve to think that maybe I could be the one to change you."

His face instantly hardened at my words and he opened his mouth to say something when I stopped him by raising my hand.

"Don't worry, I will not go around spreading rumors and that's because I don't want to associate myself to someone like you any further. So, take that fake apology and shove it up your ass because I want to do nothing with the likes of you."

Without giving him another glance, I pick up my pace and walk away not wanting to hear anymore trash that he might spew out.

This has always happened with me.

Boys either dated me for my body or just to pass time. I had been played by them again and again, yet I never seemed to learn from my mistakes.

It seems to me that every guy I have met has only hurt me and now I have taken enough.

I have cried over enough guys to last me a lifetime and now it was my time to make them cry, to take my revenge and to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Wiping the single lone tear which slips out of my eyes I promised myself, looking at the drop of tear on my finger that I will not cry over boys anymore but I'll be the one to make them cry.

"Be careful boys a new player is in town."


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