Damn The Day We Met Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Damn The Day We Met


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A faithful night a vision came to Evonne, like a whisper, the dream eater sang to her how miserable she would be in the near future '~Evonne, you spoiled little rich girl, when will you learn that your greed has consequences, for every blessing you get, a curse will make it's way, "your treasures" are not yours but her's, the fairy will come to reclaim "them", and the puppet master will move their strings, what will you do now pitiful girl? ~' The Prophecy came true, the fairy took everything from me, and someone named Sano, swayed them into a horrible scheme at least that's what happened in my dream, now that I have discovered this I'll take revenge on everyone, the fairy, Bonten's leader, and those backstabbing assholes, just wait!!