Damn, I'm Wreaking Havoc
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Damn, I'm Wreaking Havoc


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What is Damn, I'm Wreaking Havoc

Damn, I'm Wreaking Havoc is a popular web novel written by the author BlackCarapace, covering WEAK-TO-STRONG, MAGIC, ACADEMY, ACTION, ADVENTURE, COMEDY, ROMANCE, KINGDOM, DEMON KING, TIME TRAVELER, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 61K readers with an average rating of 4.38/5 and 18 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 22 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Humans, monsters, gods. I don't care about all that. All I want is an egg. Yes an egg. An egg I don't know its origin. But I'm sure these egg is legendary monster egg. Who is not curious to see an egg that you don't know about? I'm sure everyone will be greedy if they see these egg. They will not hesitate to take these egg. Then, will I take it or leave it? Of course I will take it. But, what happens if I take these egg? Damn, I'm wreaking havoc.

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Thank you so much for readers who support this novel. Author will keep updating this book. Sorry if there were grammatical error. Enjoy the book. Have fun.


I know this book have a slow start. But, after some chapter, it's getting better and better. I recommend you guys for those who like fantasy with mc from weak to strong


You got an interesting plot right here, a pity that your grammar is far from perfect. Let me guess, english isn't your first language? I can tell that you give your all to make the story flow even with your limitation here. In fact, I have a certain sense of familiarity from your writing style, ah yes, I used to write like this too. Consider running a grammar checker as you write, it will help a lot on your improvement. The "god fragments" mentioned in chapter 2 kind of came out of nowhere; it lacked necessary "build-up" for the new terms to come out, is it better this way? Think of it. If it was me, I would use a subjective term such as "releasing a hidden power in him, the power of the Wind God!" in the second chapter, then will begin explaining the fragments in the later chapter instead. Come find me again if you think you have improved your grammar and syntax. I may support you further by then. For now, good luck on your journey.


Reveal spoiler


Although this isn't the genre I usually read, fhe plotline seems decent, and if someone prefers this type of story, then they might like it. There are few grammatical errors which should be corrected.


Good novel, very interesting story. The background of the story is also interesting. This is a novel that is worth following. 😁😁😁😁😁😁


The premise of the story is interest g and the synopsis makes it intriguing. A few dramatically errors here and there but mo5hing that can't be fixed. All the best for your future endeavours, Author!


Not bad. Grammar isn't really the issue, but the use of words. You should pay closer attention to it. Goodluck


This story has an interesting idea about returning in time and fixing past mistakes, Demon kings, Gods, and magic. But the writing quality is just not good, grammar leaves a lot to be desired. If author wrote this in his own language he would have a good novel. Updates are frequent for now.


For every one who read this book. Author had fixed the grammars. Please continued support this book. thanks.


It's very good. Keep work hard


Overall pretty good. The story has a lot of potential. The dialogue is done pretty well. It’s still pretty early in the story to give a thorough review so I’ll probably update this after more chapters are out. Right now my only problem is the grammar, but for a non-English native speaker it’s not bad. A tip for the author would be to decide on a tense, past or present, and to stick with it. I always find present tense more difficult but I’m a native speaker so I’m not sure what it’s like from another perspective. If you’re going with past tense than never use ‘is’ and ‘are’ outside of dialogue and direct thoughts, instead use ‘was’ and ‘were’. If you’re ever unsure on the past tense of a word than don’t be afraid to take the time to look it up. I find that usually quality is better even if it slows down the writing speed a bit. Present tense is a little more complex because there are times where you would use words like ‘was’ and ‘were’ outside of dialogue and direct thought. It’s still early in the series so you can experiment a little with past tense and present tense but eventually try and pick one and don’t change it.


I'll be honest. I haven't read much fantasy here in Webnovel. I've mostly read Western Fantasy Novels. Damn, I'm Wreaking Havoc reads like a game fantasy novel. The first two chapters felt more like a prologue than real ones. There are only three chapters so it's hard to judge the plot yet. The first chapter has info dumps but it gives the reader an impression that the author has thought a lot about the background of the story and the characters which is a good sign. The grammar could be improved more. The third chapter is far better and following that, I'm sure the author will improve as well. I liked the three characters as well as how they have their own specific powers. Good luck with your work! Keep writing!


A save point time-travel knowledge with sacred beasts and a demon lord. Writing could be a little more polished- but the story has potential.


It is kind of difficult to comment on the story with only three chapters. But for fantasy lovers, I'm sure they'll love it and a steady reader base will come in no time. Update more and add some character development. Good luck!


*Spoiler Alert* I hate when that happens. All you want is to steal some monster eggs and you free the Demon King. I love the title and the story so far. *On a side note* Don't know why I'm reading this in an English accent in my mind.


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Honest Review Seems I came a little late and it looks like the author might've dropped it. The Good: Who doesn't love time travel? (Probably some people, but I personally do!) The author does a good job portraying the action without forcing you to stop and think about it. The Bad: I don't know if this was translated from another language, but it reads like it is. The first few chapters feel like a prologue, not necessarily a bad thing, but most people prefer just a single chapter prologue. (That is just my opinion though) Lastly, the author seems to have given up on it, which makes me sad but it is understandable.


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