Daily Life of A Caretaker

Okay, so I know I applied to become a caretaker, but I didn't sign up for having to experience all these crazy things! I'm just a simple guy!

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Arc 1: The Meeting - Chapter 48

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Arc 1: The Meeting - Chapter 48

It's a new day, making this the third day with the avian demon family showing up out of the blue and the second day of me having to deal with the native alone. Well, Ghost is here to help me out whenever it can.

Anyway, nice to see you guys again. I bet some are curious about what happened to the natives as they tried to kill me through near-infinite numbers of familiars being summoned against their will to fight a battle they had no part of.

Well, all the natives are dead. Yeah, you heard right. 100% dead, including the main characters. The girls woke up, eldritch ego in charge and everything. Unlike the alter ego, the eldritch ego didn't have the patience like they did and ended all the natives' life, including the already summoned familiars, the moment they woke up.

It nearly scared me to death when that happened; I'll tell you guys that.

Anyway, if it wasn't for the Senzu Beans backing up Zetsu. I would be dead by now. The girls have no mercy in sex and keep going even after using the trick with Ratio Technique. It's only thanks to Yui that stop the girls for going too long as the guests were waking up, and I rather not be watched by avian demons while having sex.

"Jin, we're still hungry." Nyarla said to me, her glowing eyes staring intensely into mine as if she were looking into my very soul.

"I could always cook for us if you're that hungry, Nyarla." Yor said to her sister, causing Nyarla and Takamine to stop and look at Yor incredulously. "What? You said you're hungry."

"I keep forgetting you're the most innocent one, out of the three of us." Takamine shakes her head.

"Which is fine since it makes her more lovable." Yui pulls Yor into a big hug, causing the latter to blink in confusion.

"I'm still not used to seeing everyone being so different." Octavia stares at the girls with a hint of fear and puzzlement.

"It's a common thing among the people in the Eldritch pantheon. There's rarely anyone in that world that doesn't have two egos in one body." Stolas explain to his daughter.

"Does that mean Jin will develop a second ego, then?" Octavia looks at me with curious eyes.

"Not if he doesn't want to." Stolas replied as he was now staring at me as well, checking to see if I were to develop the eldritch ego or not.

Yeah, I don't. I already have difficulty dealing with all the crazy voices before and after getting this caretaker job.

"What happens if he doesn't?" Octavia looks at me before at Yui and her sisters.

"Then, he will have to always focus on not allowing his body to devour his mind, turning him into a mindless creature." Stella answered before Stolas could. "There is a reason why most people, the important ones, in the Eldritch pantheon always have two egos. One would move the body, and the other would help control the raw instinct of the eldritch's body from getting out of hand and moving only on instinct alone. You must understand that the eldritch's instinct is incomprehensible, and causing destruction everywhere is just among the common traits. What matters is that their bodies cause a change to the reality around them on a large scale. Even then, it doesn't mean absolute control. Just barely enough not to cause the entire universe's reality to change and just the reality on the planet they are on instead."

"Oh." Octavia's eyes widen, staring at her friends and their mother in shock. "Wait, then how come to Jin here isn't changing the reality around him right now? Or is it because he is still in the early stages of becoming an eldritch entity?"

"That and Jin here is a particular case that not many experiences. It's infrequent for anyone from another race, let alone not being part of the pantheon, especially the Eldritch pantheon, to be recruited." Yui starts explaining. "The estimated time for Jin to fully become an Eldritch entity is roughly around a million years from now at a minimum."

How long?!

I gape at Yui in shock.

"What Yui hasn't said is that Jin will be among the very few male eldritch entities in the pantheon; for all who can control the eldritch's instinct, both for those two egos or not, there is only female up to this point until now. It's why everyone in the Eldritch pantheon made this a huge news. As the number of male eldritch entities can be counted on one hand and still have some leftover fingers." Stella followed up before Yui could continue with her explanation.

Okay, so does that mean the Boss is male or female? This doesn't tell me much other than besides myself. There are other men in the Eldritch pantheon, but less than four, not including me.

"Why bring this up?" Yui puffs her cheeks out. She still hugs Yor, even going far as to rub her cheeks against her daughter's.

"Because everyone from your side of the family nearly destroyed more than four-fifth of the multiverse due to a male eldritch entity dying under the hands of mortals from his traps." Stella said dryly. "Honestly, Yui. I don't feel like having to go through that again. We had to get the people outside our multiverse to repair everything, which cost us a heavy price."

Great, now there are entities outside of the multiverse involved?!

Uh, is it omniverse, crazy voices? Does anyone mind sending a late message if what is bigger than the multiverse would be the omniverse or something on that line?

"It has been a long time now. Why bring up old news?" Yui huff, then finally release her hold of Yor, and she quickly moves away and stands behind her sisters.

"Because of the damage, your people had done to the multiverse. Everything is going crazy, and barely all the important universes are functioning as it supposes to." Stella points out. "In fact, your world is still in the process of recovery, which is why so many mindless eldritch creatures are wandering the multiverse doing what instinct tells it to do."

"Wait, what?" I look at Yui, who quickly looks away. Then, I look over at Ghost, which instantly turns on its invisible mode, disappearing from everyone's eyes.

"Oh? You don't know? Well, these days. It's a well-known fact that anyone encounters an eldritch entity. You have two choices: three if you know the eldritch entity personally. One is to confront them, hoping they aren't a mindless one, and see why they are in your reality and make them leave since their existence would cause problems everywhere. Two is to seal them away for a bit and get someone to contact someone from the Eldritch pantheon to take them away. Three is, like me, that know Yui here and catch up for old time sake."

I blankly stare at the girls, ignoring the way Nyarla is being extra clingy as she has yet to get off my lap and Takamine on my back. She has been taking advantage of my current position to tease me by gently blowing into my left ear for some time now. One minute to stop, to maybe catch her breath, before the next minute, she resumes blowing into my ear again.

Yor, on the other hand, is still confused and just sits there as she goes through the process of her thoughts about what she was told.

I'm starting to realize why these eldritch goddesses need a caretaker. Mainly to prevent them from causing too much destruction everywhere they go.

I glance outside the window on my left and see all the blood and organs everywhere.

Wow, I might not be doing a good job as a caretaker. Unless the Boss just wants me to take care of the girls in general and maybe try to limit how much chaos they cause.

I better ask Ghost later when it stops being invisible and pretend it can't hear me.

"Although, Jin here must haven't got the note on that. Most would do their absolute best NOT to work for anyone from the Eldritch pantheon if they were somewhat sane enough to know dangerous working for them. As in, they would die before being accepted after a long time of working for the Eldritch pantheon." Stella continued like she didn't notice the shocked look on my face.

"Hey, we're not that bad." Yui frown.

"Other than Jin here. How many have survived working for your family with their mind intact and living up to this point?" Stella gives Yui a smug smile.

"Well, Jin alone is enough to show it's possible to work for us without dying." Yui didn't answer the question, but she didn't have to, and that alone should tell everyone what the answer could be.

Crazy voices, I wonder if Yui realized that I HAVE died in the past, and it's only because of having the Reset & Restart as one of my cheats that made it, so I stay alive right now. Although the idea of Yui and any other powerful eldritch entities, including the Boss, would just revive me is a high chance, even if I don't have the Reset & Restart ability.

"Right." Stella gives Yui a dull look before looking at me. "Are you sure you don't want to come with my family? We will treat you better than they could."

"Seriously?! Again?!" Yui's eyes glow dangerously, causing reality to warp around her once more.

But, this time, Yui wasn't alone as her daughters glared at Stella, with their eyes glowing and causing reality to warp around them too.

"Calm down. It's not like Jin would agree to go by the look on his face. Everyone can tell he won't leave you. That's loyalty right there." Stella sigh. "It's hard to find loyal people that you could trust."

Sweet talk all you want, Stella. I rather stick with the Eldritch pantheon with how many benefits they give me. Plus, it's easier for me to have a quick death than be under your hands. Who knows what kind of hell torture you would put me through for your amusement? For fuck sake, you throw a banquet just for the sake of announcing to everyone that you've yet to be divorced yet.

"That's right. Jin would never leave me." Nyarla pulled my face to be buried into her breasts.

Well, hello there. Nice to see you again, Nyarla's breasts.

"You mean us." Yor narrows her eyes at Nyarla.

"I rather have him all to myself." Takamine clings to my back again, which is pretty much her favorite spot at this point. Or due to Nyarla already taking the best position available.

"Girls, get along now." Yui said to her daughters.

"Fine." All three replied at the same time.

"I'm still confused." Octavia announced to everyone.

"So am I, my princess." Stolas said tiredly.

I'm more confused than both of you put together! I'm still dead ass confused about there are entities outside the multiverse! Or the fact that there are people in the multiverse that can LEAVE the multiverse!

Oh, my poor head...

Crazy voices; it hasn't even been a month since I became a caretaker, and I have died once already. Yet, I've just learned there is more to life as it is. I feel like the Boss might be someone bigger outside the multiverse. What the fuck is my life going to be after a year?!