Dagger of Immortality Book

novel - Fantasy

Dagger of Immortality


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Dracos was an impatient child of the supreme Gods,who out of his obsession and greed for power went all out to obtain his desire,not minding who gets hurt in the process.. Desiring to rule the Worlds of both Gods and men,he went in search of the most powerful weapon that ever existed,'the immortal Dagger',for with this weapon in his arsenal,not even the supreme Gods could defeat him.... His obsession for power led him to becoming a dreaded monster which need to be stopped and it was at such times the mysterious child was born.. Ten thousand years after the great chaos that rocked the Worlds of Gods and Men,kafas was born. He's a child chosen by the supreme Gods to bring peace to the realms which was placed in chaos through the obsession of Dracos...


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