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Zombies been on top of the food chain. You can get one bit or even as an one scratch, you turn will soon turn into one of them. The outbreak of the virus didn't just kill you but dynamic your corpse and gave it an instinctive need to feed on human flesh. Over the course of the past eight months America was thrown into a state of turmoil, as the leaked government files flooded the internet and news stations around the world. Revealing a level of unprecedented corruption. The current President- despite not having anything to do with the massive conspiracy or the Archangel Program, made the decision to stand down and let the country elect a new leader. Civilization rebuild the rejoice what's lost as the world they used to know for several years now, there being new threat in town. The first appearance of a zombie was laughed by many people finding it a big joke. A warning shot was made to doing the real thing. Witnessed few roam a bit tripping over the bloodied rotren corpse Awaited them to get up to shoot them between the eyes, went down with a thunk and a dash of splat. There was shaking and ground rupture a few ripples beneath the people feet from series of miles distance away. Thousands of people. Hundreds of thousands, maybe a million. A swarm of people like the world had never seen. And the people were all running. They were running as fast as they could go. The swarm of crazed people was rushing toward them. Went radio silence New York becoming a dead city. Everything went empty dead quiet. Leaving one unfortunate rookie injured cop the put a stop to it. Does he have what it takes? To save the human race?

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This book is now under the name. "My Chimeric System." The world went to ruin at the start of the 22nd century when the aliens, dubbed Otherworlders attacked the Earth. Different alien races that seem to have developed an interest in Earth and want to claim it for themselves. This led to a chain of wars between the invading aliens with the humans caught in the middle of it trying to defend Earth. It was a difficult time for the human race as the war was one-sided, favouring the outworlders who are superior in terms of strength and technology. Their presence led to the occurrence of unnatural phenomenons which further doomed the Earth like the appearance of dungeons and beasts, but in their desperation to survive, humans awakened abilities and discovered strength which gave them a fighting chance in the war, and access to use and improve on the technology gotten from these aliens, ushering in the New Age. The age of abilities and technological advancement for the human race. In the world of abilities and technology where everything is determined by strength or wealth, Ian Yaeger is a sixteen years old boy with a sickly medical condition which causes him to faint at random times in the day. He lived a life of isolation and ridicule, until........ [System activated.] [Syncing with host....] [Race: Chimera] [Life expectancy: Ten months.] Everything changed with the appearance of the system both for good and bad. Follow Ian on his journey to discover himself and create a destiny like no other. PS: Also, the art on the cover isn't mine. I would gladly take it down if the owner asks me to. Thank you for giving my book a chance and I would appreciate whatever corrections and critics you can give to help improve my book. Just please give it a try. I promise it won't be a waste o time.

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