1 Inferno

Paradise is regularly portrayed as a "higher place", the holiest spot, a Paradise, a heavenly spot where creatures, for example, divine beings, holy messengers, spirits, holy people, and worshiped predecessors are said to start, be enthroned or to live. The guarantee of everlasting life in paradise was open just to the submersed – that is, the individuals who had experienced the custom inundation in water which purged the spirit from wrongdoing. The vast majority it brings satisfaction, harmony, love and euphoria, blossoming knolls, hues past, trees loaded up with organic products, organization and discussion with families, white-robed others among the favored. Splendid holy messengers remaining behind the astonishing seat of God and sang acclaim in perfect tunes. What's more, on the off chance that one in any event attempt to maintain a strategic distance from extraordinary sins like homicide and numerous others they'll have the ability to enter the realm of paradise.

And afterward Earth was made a living planet so people must investigate there approach to paradise, blue is where they drink, shower and plant the water covers a large portion of Earth. The green, orange, yellow is where the people will create their homes, the white twirls are the mists that will frame to storm heavily onto the dry land. The trees, grass and different plants has unadulterated air which carries life to the people, and different animals for the people must battle for their food.

Once in a while things turn out badly so the fallen musical angel named Lucifer made Hell an existence in the wake of death area wherein abhorrent spirits are exposed to reformatory anguish, frequently torment as endless discipline in the afterlife. Discipline in Hell compares to sins submitted during life, now and again these differentiations are explicit for the cursed spirits languishing over each transgression submitted. Portrayed with red hot, difficult, brutal, and perpetrating enduring on the liable, a reviled place brimming with fire and smoke. hellfire as a position of external dimness, a pool of fire, a position of sobbing and lashing out, a position of everlasting partition from the endowments of God, a jail, a position of torment where the worm doesn't go or bite the dust. the most terrifying part of hellfire is its forever, In damnation there is no such expectation. The saddest part is individuals that don't pay attention to it extremely, that is the place Inferno High takes place!

Her name is Hitomi Matsushita this is her second year at Inferno High, and you may consider what is Inferno High? well let me disclose it to you...Inferno High is for those miscreants who have passed on youthful, and will invest their energy concentrating to either alarm, have and control people. So as to enter the youth must have sin in their previous existence to turn into a phantom or an evil spirit, normally the heathens who have reviled or need vengeance become an apparition and for the most part the killers or abusers become a devil. For this situation Hitomi was a professional killer in her previous existence she'll execute numerous individuals short-term in any case, she had never been gotten by the police rather she was gotten by the devil himself.

Hitomi sucked her teeth while advancing into the enormous open gates, mumble different understudies started talking out of sight. "

Hitomi!" her both companion come running towards her 'goodness it's them' Hitomi said to herself, "it's been truly long" the companion who has white long hair with red horns and a cut mouth ear to ear. Hitomi looked exceptionally furious "yeah yeah" she said to them "so what did you gather in the mines?" the companion who has dark half white hair and horns he additionally has sparkly yellow eyes.

"nothing, I keep getting the regular old ones" Hitomi looked extremely annoyed, "ha, you sure don't change" he tapped her shoulder "hey!" Hitomi tapped his shoulder just as they all run nearer to the school.

A stamp made a boisterous beating clamor, an understudy left the line "Next!" an old testy lady sitting behind the enormous u-molded front work area "name?" she gazed toward Hitomi's companion "Yamato Hashimoto" she flipped the goliath book to the following page "dormitory B43" she said as she stamped onto the book, Yamato then left the line "Next!" she yelled "name?" she asked Hitomi's other companion "Homura Nakajima" she responded then the Elderly flipped the book "dormitory B62" at that point stamped the book as Homura left the line. And now, it was Hitomi's chance before she entered this school she felt like she had seen that old lady in her previous existence, "Next!" Hitomi stepped one step forwards "Hitomi Matsushita" she answered Hitomi watched the elderly's crusty hands as she flipped various pages, Hitomi started to be anxious of the fact that she would not like to wind up into an all out various residence like a last year "dormitory B171" Hitomi gulped quietly as she left the line she was unable to accept she got another long number, the stamp nearly caused her to get startled significantly more.

From that point forward, Hitomi strolled to her companion who where waiting tight for her "guess who got the same long number? you seriously don't change" Yamato secured his mouth so he wouldn't laugh so uproarious, "ugh!" Hitomi got very angry so she hit his shoulder. "guys this is no opportunity to be silly, we better get moving before it's late" Homura said attempting to quiet us down, "fine" Yamato sucked his teeth. They all entered the study hall and obviously it was uproarious as damnation and the well known young ladies were tattling with one another over jabber "earth has no difference" Hitomi unobtrusively said to her companions, Yamato started to laugh and Homura smirked. They all sat together in the center The instructor abruptly came in the room at the same time, "settle down, understudies!" she had a malevolent face that will never under any circumstance fall off. An understudy started chuckling so hard that got the educator's consideration "Be quiet!" but, that didn't make him stop so the Teach tossed a fire ball onto his face, "Ah!" it consumed his entire body. The educator couldn't have cared less obviously until different children started giggling, "would ya'll like to talk with the devil himself?!" the instructor yelled over the room which made everybody quiet, "okay, we'll currently start the training" the educators lifted up a wand that caused us to go to better places to haunt or possess...

Hitomi smiled so hard that she crushed the book she clutched onto the library's table "was it that simple?" Homura said to Hitomi as she marginally lifted down the book from her face "what do you mean? it was extremly simple" Hitomi reacted as she kept on grinning. "that'll be the only time you'll ever beat me" Yamato said as he turned his head to confront her course, Hitomi stuck her tongue out at him. "Each understudy must report to your dormitories!" the declaration frightened, "we should go" Homura instructed them, them as a whole shut our books simultaneously. They all strolled towards the lift "guys I don't want to go..." Hitomi murmured but, they didn't appear to hear her as she strolled behind them, Homura and Yamato both went together since their numbers were nearer to one another. And, Hitomi went alone like in every case possibly the explanation she was a professional killer, Hitomi remained before the quarters' entryway stressed to see who'll be her flat mate she knows Homura and Yamato isn't terrified like she is so she asks herself 'if you're companions aren't frightened, then for what reason should you be?' that question made her somewhat more confident...she gradually opened the dormitory's entryway...an Angel?!

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