Daddy, Mommy Flee Again Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Daddy, Mommy Flee Again


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The ugly and bad-tempered Lu Wanwan was called off the engagement by her fiancé because of her premarital pregnancy. Fiancé: "You shameless ugly girl. After breaking off the engagement, just let your fairy-like sister marry me instead of you!" "Okay," said Lu Wanwan. Later, Wanwan recovered her appearance and came back with her baby. Ex fiancé: "Lu Wanwan, give me one more chance. I'm will give you and our child a home." "But the baby is not yours," said Lu Wanwan. Ex fiancé: "As long as you are happy, I can have the same surname with your child!" A famous entrepreneur said, "My child and wife don't need your concern. I'll take them home myself. Thank you."


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