155 Unmovable Song Yu Han

Finally, Ran Xueyi and Song Yu Han arrived at their destination. In front of them was an ordinary looking brown door, however, she found that the door was made out of an expensive wood imported from a country rich in natural resources. 

Naturally, the door was thick and made to block any noise from the inside to be heard from the outside. 

And the crisp and clear sound it made when Song Yu Han's knuckles knocked on the surface of it was very pleasant to the ears. 

Ran Xueyi stuck her tongue out and licked her lower lips; a habit she would always do when she's feeling very nervous other than biting her lips. 

Soon, they heard the sound of the knob turning and not even a second later, the door was pulled open from the inside and an older man with gray hairs sticking out on his head was standing before them. 

"Young master Han," said the elderly man with a polite tone. 

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