186 To Especially Manage Her Back Garden

Zhao Fei worriedly banged her fist against the wooden surface of the door and shouted several times. Last night, she left Ran Xueyi alone with that man while thinking she could trust Ran Xueyi's character and mental state as an actress. 

After all, Ran Xueyi should be able to resist a man's charm since she already met several handsome men in the actor's circle, right?

However, when Zhao Fei returned to her room and went to bed that night, she completely forgot one important thing. 

She could trust Ran Xueyi's judgment and character, but could she say the same thing for that man?

Thus, the second that Zhao Fei opened her eyes the next morning and woke up, she immediately dragged a haggard-looking and sleepyhead Feng Huai from his room and had him take a copy of the keycard of Ran Xueyi's hotel room while she made her way to the actress's room. 

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