187 The Filming Starts! (1)

A while later, Ran Xueyi propped her chin against her hand and watched Song Yu Han, who already took a bath and changed his clothes. Her eyes squinted in a glare as she looked at him for a long while.

Song Yu Han pretended that he didn't notice her intense stare and when he was done getting ready to go back to work, he approached the sofa where she was lying, and leaned down to give her a kiss on her forehead. 

Ran Xueyi let him do as he pleased before grumbling, "If I ever need to go to the hospital because of my sore waist... I'll have you compensate me for it aside from the hospital bills."

Song Yu Han's lips curved and patted her on the waist. "I'll remember..."

He didn't deny that it was indeed his fault that she was unable to get up from the bed this morning. Well, half of the blame should be put on Ran Xueyi because she was too tempting for him to ignore. 


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