190 Red Light TV's Thriller Movie (1)

Although everyone was praising and was in disbelief when they saw her acting, Ran Xueyi knew it inside herself that she was still far from her peak in the past. It may look like she was perfectly able to act her character in a correct manner and satisfying way in the eyes of the directors, but Ran Xueyi was not satisfied with it. 

The amount of empathetic feeling she was able to match with her character was about 60 percent. It might have been acceptable since the number of actors who can do this much in the country was very few. However, compared to the world standard in acting, this was far from enough. 

That's right. Ran Xueyi wasn't planning to just aim for the country's standard of acting. She wanted the world to recognize her as an actress who could completely absorb any character no matter if it was just a passerby or a major character in a film. 

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