171 Posting the Photos Online (2)

Director Zheng, who was the other person in the photos spread in several social media platforms, had no idea about what happened that night. He was currently texting his wife before rescheduling all the scenes that were supposedly set to shoot in the coming days. 

Since the script was changed and Ran Xueyi's lines and scenes were reduced a lot, the first day of filming did not include her in it. Originally, it was Ran Xueyi who had several scenes to shoot on that day, but since the changes were made, the other characters in the drama had to replace her. 

It was long after dinner that some of the crew in the drama went back to work with Director Zheng to set the new schedule that one of them procrastinated and looked down on their phones and saw the post. 

He exclaimed, "Woah! These people are really shameless."

Hearing him cry out while everyone else was busy, some of the other crews were clearly dissatisfied and reprimanded him. 

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