177 Adulterous Woman (1)

Albert Fang 's heart took a hard leap inside his chest. He severely nodded his head before he took Gu Jiao away from there. And despite being reluctant to leave after what happened just now, Gu Jiao knew that she couldn't stay there any longer. 

What that man called President Song said just now was too obvious and she could clearly hear the blatant threat in his voice. 

"Brother Albert, who exactly is that man?" Gu Jiao asked soon after they returned to her room.

Albert shook his head before taking a deep breath. "I don't know him that much. I only heard of him from the president once. However, I can tell you that that man is a dangerous person whom you can afford to offend."

Gu Jiao was dissatisfied with his answer. "Isn't President Tzongshi also very powerful? Why should I be afraid of offending him? He's just another wealthy young master, right?"

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