193 A Thousand Lotus (2)

The scene was quickly played out in front of everyone. According to the script, she should be 'tied' up in a dungeon blanketed with darkness and filthiness. In order for her to appear like she was truly tortured and had experienced a rather unpleasant situation for several days, the costume director and crew members did a lot of effort to pick out the outfit for this scene. 

Wearing a tattered dress with holes from different spots and each spot has bloody marks in them, indicating that she suffered several punctures and stabs. Her dark hair that appeared like black ink was disheveled and stray hairs was all over her face. As for her face, the makeup artist used pale makeup producsts and made a contrast by using red tints and paints to mark her forehead, completing the look of an abused and tortured person inside the dungeon. 

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