214 "Tell Me, Who's the Owner of This?" *

Under the light of the moon, two entangled shadows were in the dark. If one didn't take a serious look at it, you might mistake it as the shadows of the trees swaying outside. However, the raspy and needy gasps that occasionally burst out to ruin the peaceful silence of the night seemed to reveal what the shadows were doing. 

Precisely, at this moment, Ran Xueyi hooked her arms around his neck and deepened their kiss. Even though it wasn't their first time, and even though they had done this sensual activity quite a lot ever since they finally did it the first time, their excitement and desire to swallow each other whole seemed to never cease. 

"Mmn..." Ran Xueyi moaned as she felt Song Yu Han lift her skirt and his hand roamed around her thighs. Aside from his playful hands, there seemed to be something hard pressing on her lower abdomen. 

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