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THE SKIES DON'T FEAR ME BECAUSE I AM A GOD, THEY FEAR BECAUSE I AM ONLY A MAN! ------------------------------------------------------------------- I am tired of these arrogant cultivators and magicians treating us like trash. Just because we are fragile humans, without cultivation energy or magical energy ... Since I have no natural powers! I will build machines that will hunt and bring down the Sky Gods! I will not stop until nobody gets up! Enough of being used as a slave! Enough of begging for food crumbs! ENOUGH !!!!!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------- THE SKIES DON'T FEAR ME BECAUSE I AM A GOD, THEY FEAR BECAUSE I AM ONLY A MAN! ------------------------------------------------------------------- A brilliant scientist, though eccentric. Atreus Raven Darkin is just a fragile human being with a thirst for revenge. Tireless in his work to neurotic obsession, he seeks to dominate all the kingdoms of the heavens and overthrow the gods and end the kingdoms of the cultivators, making everyone literally crazy. however, he still seeks to answer the most impenetrable questions in the universe and, as a human carnal man, he kidnaps and enslaves all the sexiest, hottest and most beautiful goddesses he encounters in his bloody battles, forming a harem ... who unfortunately cannot taste the bodies of the Goddesses for a long time, for the simple fact that her human body without cultivation would not last 5 minutes in a bed with a Goddess of cosmic level. In other words, his fragile little body can only endure very little time doing those obscene acts "(͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) Although his theories often seem strange and impossible. Atreus has produced some of the most miraculous machines, not to mention lethal, in the entire universe and constantly adjusts his inventions to make them even more efficient.


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