1 Chapter 2 - The Talk

"Ugh…." Allen groans as his head felt like a bowling alley that was full and every lane was getting strikes.

He opens his eyes and was shocked to find a person standing in front of him. "Tyki?"

"No, I'm…" The man smiles at the boy. "Neah!"

"Neah? Who is that?" Allen tries to stand up but realized he was sitting on some throne with chains around him. "Where is this?"

"This…is your mind, Allen." Neah sighs sadly. "As for who I am." The man's body turns grey and seven stigmata appear on his forehead. "I'm the 14th Noah, the Noah of Destruction."

"….So it's you! You're the one that ruined my life!" Allen tries to get free but the chains were too strong.

"Ruined your life? Allen, how did I ruin it?" Neah smirked mischievously.

"My friends are scared of me because of you! The entire order thinks I'm going to kill them! It's all because of-"

"Me? Allen, if they were really your friends, would they have turned their backs on you so quickly?" This made the boy still. "Think about it, you almost died helping them, and yet as soon as they hear you 'might' be my reincarnation, they are more than ready to kill you at a moment's notice."

"…stop..that's not true…." Allen looks down at the ground. "It can't be…"

"The only reason you're still living, is because you're an accommodator that reached the critical point and are able to control the Ark. without those, they would have executed you by now, Allen." Neah whispers the truth the boy has been denying.

"No….I don't believe it!"

"Ah, but that's the point isn't it? Even if you hate it, it doesn't make it any less true." The man shrugs with that same smirk.

A few minutes pass and Neah's smirk turned into a frown. He could feel the boy's emotions and knew he might have pushed him too far. A table and a chair appear in front of Allen with the chains loosening, but not disappearing.

"To be honest with you Allen, I feel bad. Truly, I do."


"I've only been able to see snippets of your memories, but what I've seen doesn't paint a good picture at all. You might be one of the few humans that are worse off than the Noah."

"Tch, yeah right." Allen scoffed like he can't imagine them having it worse than him.

"Allen…" Neah's tone reminded him of Mana. "You're safe here, I won't hurt you."

"Safe? You're going to take my body over and kill my friends, yet I'm safe here!?" He yells shocking the man.

"Take your body? Who said that?"

"Master did! He said you'll overwrite me and I'll have to kill my loved ones!"

"Master?" The older man took a few seconds to realize who his host was talking about. "Do you mean Cross Marion?"

"Yeah! You were his friend or something right? Making my life a living hell!"

"That man was no friend of mine!" Neah yells making the boy silent. "A reluctant Acquaintance, maybe." He scoffs with venom in his tone.

"What…?" The 14th sighs in frustration.

"We had an alliance of sorts, unwilling on my part. Necessary none the less…" he pauses to choose his words carefully. "You see, Allen…the Noah family isn't as bad as you think they are-"

"Bad? That's putting it mildly."

"I know you've been fighting them, but you have only seen them at their worse." Neah taps the tea cup gently as his gaze saddened. "Do you know how the Noah came to be?"

"Not really, Road said that you're descendants of Noah, God's first apostle."

"That is true, but not the whole truth. You see, Noah was the first man created by god." His voice echoes around the area.


"Eve was the first woman, and they had abilities that made ours look like nothing, almost like a God's." He sighs with so many emotions, of lifetimes Allen can't fathom.


"They've lived for many years and over that period of time, God realized that our parents were lonely. He gave the ability procreate at the cost of their own incredible ones. They had 14 children who all contained a different aspect of Noah."

"The First Child, Adam had the aspect of Creation."

"The Second Child, Tryde had the aspect of Judge."

"The Third Child, Joyd had the aspect of Pleasure."

"The Fourth Child, Desires had the aspect of Desire."

"The Fifth Child, Wisely had the aspect of Wisdom."

"The Sixth Child, Feedler had the aspect of Corrosion."

"The Seventh Child, Mercym had the aspect of Pity."

"The Eighth Child, Wrathra had the aspect of Wrath."

"The Ninth Child, Somnia had the aspect of Dreams."

"The Tenth and Eleventh Children, Bondom had the aspect of Bonds."

"The Twelfth Child, Lustol had the aspect of Lust."

"The Thirteenth Child, Mightra had the aspect of Ability."

"And finally, the Fourteenth Child, Vastator had the aspect of Destruction."

"The 16 of us were the entire Noah Family. For centuries, we were happy. Living in harmony with nature. Until, we discovered humans." Neah paused. "They were primitive, yet they were also sentient in ways like us."

"My parents felt curious and decided to help them develop as a species."

"We created laws, taught them about pleasure, gave them what they desired, the ability to dream, wisdom, the ability to make music, everything you know, has come from our family." He pauses just a bit too long.

"…what happened?" Allen croaks out.

"A rebellion!" Neah's face morphed into one of extreme anger.


"Over the millennia, the humans stopped being grateful. Became jealous, and that jealousy turned to envy, which became outright hatred. This hatred they had for us also made them fear us, for they weren't as strong as us."

"So, they hatched a plan….they-" Neah doesn't finish as the area started To fall apart. "Damn, you're waking up. If you need to know one thing, just know I'm on your side!" Allen's vision begins getting blurry.

"I'm only a memory Allen! I can't take….you…..over!" Allen groggily opened his eyes to banging on his door.

"Allen-boy~? I have your breakfast!" Jerry's voice made his stomach growl. "Oh~? I hear you Allen! I can recognize your stomach anywhere~~." His tone made the boy smile.

"Heh, thank you Jerry…." His fake smile was plastered on his face making the cook frown a bit. "I'm sorry you had to-" The teen stops because a spatula was on his lips.

"Hush now, let me set this up for you." Jerry pushes the cart inside and observes the boy's room.

Allen didn't have anything personal except a poster on the wall of a clown carrying a coffin. The chef felt bad for the boy as he's been there for a year yet only one personal item was present.

'Does he not have anything?' He thinks as he places the food on the table.

"I'll leave the cart here and you can take your time Eating." Jerry pauses as he walks to the door. "Allen…."


"If you ever need to talk, I'm here for you. Ok?"

"…thank you, Jerry…." He gave a real smile for the first time in what seems like weeks. "For everything, really…."

"Don't think of it, Allen. You're my favorite customer and a precious friend." Jerry leaves the boy alone and walks back to the kitchen. "I hope he feels better…" his mutter went unheard by everyone except himself.

In the library, Lavi was reading some books about the Noah in hopes of finding a way to help Allen when somebody sits down in front of him.

"Hm? Miranda?"

"Hi Lavi, fancy meeting you here…" her shy nature made the teen grin.

"Well, I am a bookman…." He shrugs. "What are you reading?"

"History about the Noah Family…."


"I'm hoping I can find something to help Allen…everything has changed since that announcement…"

"Yeah….I'm doing the same."


"SH!" An older woman shushes them



"Ah…." Miranda seemed to cave in on herself at her mistake. "I did it again…." Her tears made Lavi feel bad so he pats her head.

"There there, you'll be fine…"

"Thank you…." She blushes in shame that somebody younger than her is doing this.

"No problem, you're my friend right?"

"Y-yeah….a friend…." Miranda grins a little after hearing that.

"Anyway, all I could find are the records of last encounters with the Noah. Nothing about their transformation though…."

"In here, it says the transformation causes extreme pain to the point that the host of the memories injures themselves." Miranda shows him a passage written in an archaic language.

"Really? I'm surprised you can read this.."

"Well, when you fail at over a hundred jobs, you have to do something to pass the time, right? Haha…ha..ha…" her depressing aura made him sweat drop.

"A-anyway, I'm worried that Allen might be going through this without telling anybody…" she pauses. "He's always been one to cover up his pain with a smile, so…."

"You're right….I'm glad you're doing this Miranda…"

"It's no big deal-"

"It is!" Lavi yells angrily shocking the poor woman as the older shushed them again.

"I-is it?"

"I'm sorry, it's just…." The bookman successor sighs. "I saw Allen earlier at the cafeteria and he wasn't looking good. His eyes were sunken and he didn't seem like he was getting much sleep."

"Oh no…"

"Also…" Lavi shakes his head.


"It's Lenalee, Allen waved at her, but she…flinched." The teen clenched his hand. "As if he was going to attack her."


"Everybody else thought so too. Some of the finders were ready to fight…"

"Allen…" Miranda cried into her palms. "I wish there was something I could do…why can't I turn back time to when everything was ok? I'm so weak…."

"…." Lavi was silent as he couldn't think of an answer.

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