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D Shark Unit


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Altros Ximen left his house, his family everything behind. For what? For his dream! For his country! BUT! When he entered the military, he realised that the world isn't how it looks like. It's a cruel place. It's a dog eat dog world. and he... he is just a frog in well! Not even a dog! However, due to someone's blessings or due to some deep trap he receives a system. A system that will help him and 'D Shark Unit' to reach the peak and claim the world. Let's enjoy the journey of Altros and D Shark Unit! Hell Yeah!! ---- Updates: I'll update whenever I am free. It can be regular, it can be irregular. I don't know. But I'll definitely try my best. ---- You can join my discord server here: https://discord.gg/cr4jDrA ---- Note: Cover art isn't mine. The original artist can notify me and I'll take it down.


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