Cynthia: A Cuddle some Girl Book

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Cynthia: A Cuddle some Girl


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Passions that lurk within us remain hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy get exposed under tempting situations. Everybody has a sexual fantasy. They never show it in public but in their private life they try to experiment it. This happens in a bedroom but when tried in any other form involving others becomes a part of animal world, where human emotions do not exit. Love is a pure feeling, can never be defined in words. Love has different colours and people in love always try to please their counterparts and keep them happy and amused. They play out their sexual fantasies in best ways but when they cross the limit in seeking such pleasure; they lose the very sheen of love forever and ruin their life. Older people always love the company of a young, beautiful woman. Because of their age and physical condition, they seldom satisfy their partner’s sexual urge and extramarital affairs comes into play. It is a story of such people who has gone through these traumas of life. Cynthia is a woman of a new generation; she never hides her sexual desires but never falls in a wrong trap. She is a happy-go-lucky girl, beautiful, who ignites the fire in every on lookers.


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