8 Cybots #6 final chapter-end of the robots

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A group of four try to bring back the team they lost and have to stop these villains from cloning everyone in the world to avoid crisis. The remaining cybots will have to learn to fight without their leader


Earth 595

4 years ago....2026

After the burial of Abriel, Cyber and Cybord, the remaining cybots left to go to their warehouse. Sometime after that, two people appeared and got Abriel's body, took him to their house and managed to make him come back to life but as a different person who they called Ralph. How they were able to make him come to back to was because in 2017 before Abriel left California, his brother, James took 30% of his blood to save their mother but instead James wanted to use it after Abriel died to bring him back. James knew that Abriel would die because of his plan to save the world. James and Bethany woke up from a coma in the same year, 2026. James' plan was to clone everyone so that people's clones kill the original people, so he started by bringing Abriel back as Ralph in order to kill the remaining cybots. Abriel did not know who he was anymore.

Present day....2030

Cymax went to visit Abriel's grave and he saw Abriel from a distance, he opened his eyes wider and called Abriel. Abriel went closer to Cymax and Cymax asked,

Cymax: how are you still alive? That's impossible, Abriel died nearly 5 years ago

Abriel/Ralph: I am not Abriel, I am Ralph and do not get in the way of my plans or I'll kill you

Cymax: you will not be able to kill me for you are a weak mortal human being

Abriel/Ralph: well then, lets find out about that.

Abriel beat Cymax badly, he got bombs and put them on his legs. Cymax exploded and landed with no legs. Abriel kicked his head and punched him. Abriel shot him nearly to the extent of dying and said,

Abriel: Do not get in the way of my plans or I will finish you off completely.

Abriel walked away, back to his home. Cymax called for help from the cybots. Redwing arrived and got Cymax, took him home, fixed him and asked,

Redwing: What the hell happened to you?

Cymax: it's....it's, it's Abriel, he did this to me. It's more like he has lost his mind but he still fights the same and he calls himself Ralph. He is way stronger than before.

Redwing: Maybe it's because he doesn't have internal injuries anymore.....Wait, what am I saying? Abriel? I don't think he'd do this to you because Abriel died nearly 5 years ago.

Cymax: he did this to me! Who else would do this to me? We need to bring the old Abriel back.

Redwing: I think you have a virus or your system has been corrupted. Get some rest.

Redwing told Jetwingett and Riley about what Cymax experienced and Redwing thought of a plan. Abriel(Ralph) returned back to Bethany and James.

Bethany: Ralph, we need you to bring all the remaining robots and suits to us as soon as possible

Ralph/Abriel: Why is that?

Bethany: We have to leave this earth for four months and return later. We have to go fulfill our master's plan for death is not a man, its a boy

James: we want to clone everyone on earth apart from ourselves and the clones we'll make will kill the original people and the remaining clones will be ours and earth too.

Ralph/Abriel: I will not disappoint you. I will be back as soon as I get the robots and kill the cybots.

Redwing's plan was to give Abriel all the information he needed to know on what happened all his life in order to make him come back to normal. In short, he wanted to do what Abriel did to Alphabot  in 2026, but Riley did not approve of that because Alphabot just became worse and she did not want the same thing to happen to Abriel. Jetwingett agreed with Redwing, because that was the only way to try and bring him back to normal.

2 days later..... Abriel was walking to the cybots building. As he was walking, Redwing flew towards him, beat him but in the end, Abriel broke Redwing's hand, damaged most of his system parts. Later on, Redwing gave Abriel all the knowledge he needed to know since the time he was born. Redwing punched Abriel. Abriel remained flat on his belly for two straight hours. Everyone else arrived, he woke up, looked to his left and said,

Abriel: Redwing! You died too? Wait, I'm alive! So, what do you guys need?

They all screamed happily and celebrated knowing that Abriel came back to his senses and Redwing asked Abriel

Redwing: Abriel do you remember anything that happened after you were brought back from the dead?

Abriel: as a matter of fact, I do. I remember everything.

Cymax: Great. Who put you up to this?

Abriel: My brother and sister.

Abriel told them all of James and Bethany's plans. Sometime later, the cybots tower was blasted. James arrived and said to Abriel

James: Abriel! I know you know who you are.

Abriel arrived in Redwing as iron steel and said,

Iron steel: James you could not leave me in peace to die. What do you really want? You even had the guts to blast my tower.

James: why don't we fight man to man, so take of that nonsense so that  I see how much you learnt from me.

Iron steel let Redwing out but Redwing said to Abriel

Redwing: you know James is who trained you to fight well. You won't have to fight him, I'll do it

Abriel: NO! Redwing! Man! I'll fight James alone. I don't have internal injuries anymore. I'm physically fit. I, who is the pupil will surpass James who is the teacher.

Abriel ran towards James, punched his stomach. James then flipped over Abriel, carried him and hit his face on his knee. Bethany was fighting Riley and kicked her sheen's and started pulling her hair, Riley also did the same. Abriel was using his bare hands to fight James, not knowing that James already had a robot suit of his own. James then removed spikes from the top of his fingers and inserted them into Abriel's biceps and flew up to the sky and eventually let go of Abriel. Abriel was falling 1000 ft towards the ground. As he was falling, he called for Redwing but Redwing did not show up. A meter before Abriel hit the ground, Redwing caught Abriel. Iron steel grabbed James and threw him on top of a building, let Redwing out and disabled James' suit. James grabbed Abriel and begun smashing his head on the edge of the building. Redwing was dealing with all robots that had been hacked. Riley punched Bethany and called for Jetwingett. Iron princess then broke Bethany's legs and punched her face eight times. Riley let Jetwingett out to help Redwing. As Riley was walking away, Bethany got her gun and shot Riley's knee three times and her back twice. Bethany shot again, aiming for Riley's head but Riley already dropped to the ground which made Bethany miss her last shot. Abriel punched James' face eleven times until James lost three of his teeth, Abriel carried James and punched his rib six times but before he could punch his face, James used his head to hit Abriel. James punched Abriel's stomach thinking he had internal injuries. When James realized that Abriel no longer had internal injuries, he got his pistol and shot the center of Abriel's stomach till Abriel fell. James shot Abriel legs three times. James then got a sharp object, preparing to decapitate him but before that happened, Cymax kicked James and cut off James' hands and legs. Cymax carried James and threw him so hard that James passed through twelve buildings. Bethany got one of her robots and flew away and got James. The entire city was in chaos. Redwing found Riley and took her to a hospital quickly, the doctor told Redwing that it would take some time for her to heal. The doctor also told him that she was in critical condition. 

Redwing immediately rushed to get Abriel and told him about what happened to Riley. Redwing took Abriel to the same hospital because he was also wounded. The cybots never heard from James or Bethany for four days. As they were in the hospital, a portal opened up and someone who looked exactly like Abriel, named GT showed up and said 

GT: Cybots you have to come with me.....

4 Months later.... Earth 595...New York City...2030.....(Read the crossovers life on earth-x to know what happened in those four months)

A portal opened, Redwing, Cymax and Jetwingett came out and said

Redwing: Now they are gone, let's finish what Abriel and Riley didn't finish.

Cymax: To kill James and Bethany for killing Abriel and Riley

Jetwingett: We had to do it to save the multiverse


James and Bethany opened up a red portal in the sky that dropped clones of everyone except the cybots. The clones started killing the people.

Bethany: You guys look so miserable, oh! Where is Abriel and Riley? 

Cymax: You know that you killed them on earth-x!!!

Jetwingett went ahead and fought Bethany while Cymax dealt with the clones and Redwing was on James. Jetwingett was filled with so much anger and beat Bethany nearly half to death. Bethany then said

Bethany: James killed them, not me. Please I'm on your side cause James killed the only brother I loved

Jetwingett: Really? Then let us go and fight James

Redwing punched James' stomach with hate and anger, Redwing punched out one of James' eyes saying

Redwing: I will kill you here, in hell and whatever comes after hell you bastard! You even had the guts to bring Alphabot back to life!

James: I, I, I, I did not bring him back to life, Debo did.

Redwing punched him sixty-eight times and after that, Alphabot shot a huge missile that killed all clones only but that's not all, James, Bethany and Alphabot made a plan.

One month ago

Earth X...2030.....New York

James and Bethany met Debo who rebuilt Alphabot. James said to Bethany and Alphabot

James: we will kill Abriel and Riley. Bethany you should gain Jetwingett's trust and finally Alphabot, you shall use that device Redwing made to make robots look like humans to make yourself look like Abriel and through the both of you, we'll know their plans. Don't worry Alphabot, you can still change into your normal form.

Present day.

Alphabot came flying as Abriel and beat James. Redwing was in shock and asked

Redwing: Abriel. You're alive? How?

Abriel/Alphabot: as you can see you idiot. I managed to survive.

Redwing knew that there was something weird about Abriel. Jetwingett arrived with Bethany and told the team that she was on their side. Abriel(Alphabot) went ahead with Bethany. Redwing scanned their minds and found out that they were being fooled.


Redwing told Cymax and Jetwingett that the one under Abriel's body was actually Alphabot and that Bethany was fooling them. When they reached their warehouse, Redwing asked Abriel, 

Redwing: uhm, Abriel, may I have a word with you? Privately.

Alphabot/Abriel: Sure, sure. Of course. Let's talk buddy. I'd love to.

 Cymax and Jetwingett started believing what Redwing told them.

Abriel/Alphabot: Yes my idiotic creation. What do you want to talk about?

Redwing: I know who you are. You are Al.....

Before Redwing finished Jetwingett arrived and said

Jetwingett: NO! Don't do it Redwing. I'm sorry Alph.. I mean Abriel but i need to talk to Redwing.

They went in a room that Cymax was in.

Redwing: What do you want now Wingett, I would have dealt with him

Jetwingett: We can use him to turn into a good bot. He can help us out

Redwing: How? How on earth do you think Alphabot can possibly turn into a cybot? Into one of us? It's impossible.

Jetwingett: When he sleeps we can remove his evil chip and replace it with a new one like what Abriel did to Scar.

Cymax: yeah, obviously it would work because Scar was his mother

Redwing: It cannot possibly work out. First of all Scar was a fraud, her becoming a cybot was all part of her fathers plan. Its impossible for Alphabot to become good. 

Jetwingett: we'll never know unless we try

At night when Alphabot was resting Jetwingett, Cymax and Redwing were about to enter the room but they heard Alphabot and Bethany talking in calm voices. They were discussing on how they would kill the remaining cybots. As soon as they heard that, they entered the room and found them on the same bed together (all in shock)

Alphabot/Abriel: Guys, guys relax. Calm down. it's not what you think. I mean, she's my sister.

Redwing: yeah and you're a fraud. ain't that right?....Alphabot?

Jetwingett: There is no more pretending Alphabot and Bethany. I thought i could trust you but instead you betrayed me and i know that you're the one who blew off Riley's head off.

Alphabot: Wow! You finally figured it out but now that you guys know, I can kill you just like I killed Abriel.

Alphabot transformed back into a robot, got Bethany and flew away. As soon as that happened, James blew up their warehouse completely.

3 days later

There was chaos everywhere, buildings were on fire and lots of people were injured. There was a red sky with a purple portal that was sucking people into it. As soon as people enter, they no longer exist. The entire country was being ruled by Alphabot. The cybots woke up and saw Bethany and James tied up on a chair. The cybots were also tied up on chairs. Cymax asked,

Cymax: What are you two losers doing there?

Redwing: Whatever they say do not listen. They are probably trying to pull a fast one on us.

Bethany: No we are not. Alphabot betrayed us and he has taken over New York City

James: Nope. He has taken over the entire country and he is going to suck us out of existence through a giant purple portal

Jetwingett: you know that really does sound believable.

Redwing: Anyway what happened and how did we get here?

Bethany: let me explain

3 days ago

Alphabot transformed back into a robot, got Bethany and flew away. As soon as that happened, James blew up their warehouse completely. The cybots then powered off. James arrived, got the cybots and tied them to chairs. Alphabot knocked James and Bethany on the head and they passed out. Alphabot flew to the sky and opened a huge portal that dropped bombs in the city. He opened a purple portal that cloned everyone apart from the cybots, Bethany and James. The clones were attacking every normal human. This happened for three days

Present day.

Bethany: so that's what happened.

Alphabot entered the room and explained to them

Alphabot: oh, you are awake,that's nice. You can hear my plan well. I want to destroy A-17.

Cymax: No you can't kill A-17

Redwing: Alphabot don't do it. You don't know what you are about to do to all of us. If A-17 gets destroyed then we are all going to die, including you.

Alphabot flew away, Jetwingett used her laser vision to destroy what they were trapped in. Redwing removed James and Bethany. James said to Redwing

James: Redwing, let me go and kill Alphabot. You stay down and kill the clones

Redwing: Are you sure? Abriel got himself killed by doing that and he was killed twice by the same bot.

James: Just go. I will handle him.

James grabbed a suit and started flying towards Alphabot. When James found Alphabot, he said to him.

James: why are you betraying us?

Alphabot: I was born to do things my way

James shot Alphabot but Alphabot dodged, grabbed James and cut off his eye. Redwing told Cymax, Bethany and Jetwingett to fight the robots and the clones while he saves James. James could not see anything and Alphabot took that as an advantage. Alphabot kicked his nose and started chocking him but James still fought back with the help of A-17. A-17 was telling James where to punch and where to dodge punches from. Alphabot got irritated and destroyed James' suit. Alphabot removed sharp objects from his body and threw them towards James and cut off his head.

Redwing arrived as soon as James died. Redwing then flew towards Alphabot and beat him up. Redwing beat Alphabot badly until some of his pieces began falling apart and getting destroyed. Alphabot fought the pain, blasted Redwing away and flew away. Cymax, Bethany and Jetwingett finished killing all the clones but not all the robots because there were a lot of robots in the sky. Jetwingett asked Redwing

Jetwingett: what's wrong if Alphabot destroys A-17?

Redwing: Are you normal? what's wrong is that A-17 is the machine that is able to make us robots in steel form! The machine that I made that is able to make us in human form will get activated and we'll become human beings! We will have flesh and blood, red blood. We will become full time human beings.

Bethany: and what happens if the machine that makes you in human form is damaged?

Redwing: then it means we will remain human. Nothing changes and by the way, James is dead!

Bethany cried saying, "we have to kill him" Cymax saw that Alphabot was flying to space to destroy A-17( so if A-17 is damaged, all robots turn into human) Cymax followed Alphabot and punched him endlessly but Alphabot fought back and kicked Cymax. Alphabot reached the A-17 satellite and planted 3000 bombs and as soon as Alphabot entered earth, A-17 exploded and got burned completely. The form of all robots changed into human. Cymax was falling but Redwing caught him on time. Alphabot dropped in front of the remaining cybots and all the other robots turned into human beings dropped behind Alphabot, preparing to kill all four. Redwing said to them

Redwing: we will fight till the end! For Abriel and Riley

Cymax: till the end! For Abriel and Riley

Jetwingett: till the end! For Abriel and Riley

Bethany: till the end! For Abriel and Riley


Cymax, Jetwingett and Bethany fought the other robots while Redwing was on Alphabot. Redwing was not used fighting as a human. Alphabot kicked Redwing's stomach. Redwing got up and punched Alphabot till he lost six of his teeth but Alphabot got up and kicked his face and threw him away. Alphabot picked a pistol and aimed for Redwing's head but Redwing stood up and Alphabot ended up shooting his back three times. Jetwingett told Cymax to check on Redwing and help him out. Cymax was running behind Alphabot and chocked him with his flexed elbow but then Alphabot used his elbow to hit Cymax's ribs  seven times. Redwing got up in pain, he was bleeding badly. Redwing had Abriel's watch that had machines in it but the remaining machines were limited because A-17 was destroyed. Redwing removed a pistol and aimed for Alphabot. Redwing shot Alphabots legs. Jetwingett and Bethany finished killing Alphabots men. They got guns and ran to the grassy area where Redwing, Alphabot and Cymax were fighting from. Alphabot tackled Cymax and kicked him. Alphabot then grabbed Redwing's head, preparing to kill him. Before Alphabot could shot Redwing, Cymax grabbed Alphabots right hand and broke it. Alphabot then got another gun from his left pocket, aimed it on Cymax's stomach and shot him three times on the center of his stomach, two times on his chest and two right on his head. Redwing screamed in pain and grabbed Alphabot, Alphabot tried to shoot Redwing, but his bullets ran out so Alphabot just hit Redwing's head with his knee. Jetwingett and Bethany arrived pointing guns at Alphabot. They saw that Cymax was on the ground, dead and they also saw Redwing Crawling towards them. Alphabot then said

Alphabot: If you come any closer, I swear I will kill him.

Alphabot stepped on Redwings back. Redwing tried so hard to beat him. He would have gotten weapons from the gun but he had no ammo . Alphabot reloaded his gun and pointed it towards Redwings head. Bethany said to Alphabot

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Bethany: You don't have to do this Alphabot. Please!

Jetwingett: Alphabot! If you don't drop your gun, I will kill you

Alphabot: Go ahead! I will kill you both just like I killed Cyber, Cybord, Cymax, James and Abriel.

Jetwingett ran towards Alphabot. Redwing said

Redwing: Till the end, we will fight

Alphabot then shot Redwings head six times then later on shot Jetwingetts chest seven times and one on her head. He tried to shoot Bethany but he ran out of bullets. Bethany shot Alphabots legs three times on each leg. Alphabot dropped to the ground and Bethany screamed in pain. Bethany stepped on Alphabot's back, Alphabot said

Alphabot: Please spare my life. I will change for the better

Bethany: People like you never change.

She shot Alphabots head until her bullets ran out. She killed him badly and split his body into several pieces. Everyone was okay and things were restored. The location where the cybots tower was built was where the bodies of the cybots were buried. Abriel and Riley's bodies were buried on earth-x. Bethany explained to all the citizens that the robots were all destroyed and that there was nothing like building more robots because all was done and it was impossible. She told everyone that it is finished.



Gabriel Tembo: Abriel Scotts/ Iron steel

Nkonge Nkonge: Max Overunder/ Cymax

David Sichimwi: Boass Lone JR/ Cybord

Kenneth Mukumba: Mike Steve Evans/ Cyber

Priscilla Ciyena: Riley Ramirez/ Iron princess

Mazunda Lupenga: Mr Boass Lone

Nchimunya Nkonge: Scar Oliver

Emmanuel Kabwe: James Scotts

Precious Kabwe: Bethany Scotts

Smart Tembo: Alphabot

Esther Tembo: Jetwingett

Mwiinga Mayuni: Redwing

Written by Gabriel Tembo

Made by: Gabriel Tembo, Emmanuel Kabwe, Precious Kabwe and Esther Tembo-TK productions.

Cybots since 26th February, 2018-10th April, 2020

first publish date: 7th February, 2021

Last publish date: 27th February, 2021


10th April, 2020



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