7 Cybots #5 it all ends

Earth 595.....3 days ago.....2026

A man named Dr Boass Lone the first was looking for his long lost son. He hired an investigator to find out what happened to his son. The investigator arrived and said to Dr Boass

Investigator: Mr Lone, your son is already dead and you wont believe who killed him.

Mr Lone: What? What's the name of the rat bastard that killed my son?

Investigator: It's your patient, Abriel Scotts. He killed Boass Lone jr in the year 2018 and later on made him a robot.

Mr Lone: I'll deal with that Abriel Scotts. I'll kill him with my own hands.

present day.....New York City....2026

Cyber said to Cybord and Cymax

Cyber: I overheard Redwing and Abriel talking and they said we were live human beings and that Cymax was actually Max, a celebrity who got killed by Abriel. we all got killed by Abriel

Cymax: so he took our lives. We need to know everything, we need to know the truth and kill Abriel

They located Mr Lone and followed him While Jetwingett heard everything and went on her way to tell Riley and Abriel. Cymax, Cybord and Cyber went to visit Mr Lone and when they arrived Cybord said to him,

Cybord: Mr Lone, we are the Cybots and we're here to help you kill Abriel Scotts because we know everything that he did to us.

The three told Mr Lone everything. They later decided to get the body pieces of Alphabot and reconnected him. Mr Lone used Alphabot as his suit to kill the rest of the cybots and when he's in Alphabot he calls himself Bo-Alphabot. Abriel was having his breakfast and asked,

Abriel: where is Cymax, Cybord and Cyber?

Redwing: they have not been around for 3 days now

Scar: maybe they went on vacation.

Riley and Jetwingett arrived claiming they knew where the three were and what their plan was. They were all confused for sometime. Abriel then asked them,

Abriel: What are you talking about?

Jetwingett: I overheard Cyber telling Cybord and Cymax that you murdered them and made them robots.

Riley: they have tracked down a doctor who seems to be the biological father to Cybord. By the way Abriel why are you seeing a doctor

Redwing looked at Abriel and just told him to tell Riley the truth that he had severe internal injuries and was likely to die soon. Abriel sighed and said to Riley

Abriel: uhm... I have been seeing a doctor because I have got internal injuries and I need to undergo surgery.

Riley: what? You didn't even think of telling me this how long have you had this? When did it start.

Abriel: I've had it for about three years now. It started in 2023 but it got worse last year.

Riley slapped Abriel with teary eyes. some minutes later, Cymax, Cybord and Cyber entered and punched Abriel in the stomach, Redwing, Scar and Jetwingett hit them outside the cybots building, 3 minutes after that Bo-Alphabot exploded the entire city. Later on, the cybots went outside, Riley asked Cymax, Cyber and Cybord

Riley: why did you have to bring Alphabot back to life?

Cymax: because Abriel deserves to die, I'm sure you know his bound to die right?

Cybord: in short, we want revenge on Abriel for what he did to us. For killing us and ruining our lives.

Riley: obviously he had a good reason.

Abriel called Redwing and punched Bo-Alphabot and asked,

iron steel: why come back when you know that we will just kill you.

Bo-Alphabot: oh I'm not Alphabot, I'm in Alphabot. I'm your doctor, Boass' father but you probably know him as Cybord.

Mr Lone came out of Alphabot and punched iron steel with a powerful machine that removed Abriel from Redwing. Redwing went on to fight Alphabot

Redwing: so Alphabot, we meet again, I'm going to blast your pieces straight to hell

Alphabot: ha ha, you pathetic imbecile, I don't think we've met properly. By the way I, I'm Alphab..

before he could finish talking, Redwing punched him to a random building where he got stuck but Alphabot had other robots so he could easily shift to a different body, Alphabot had 10000 robots on his side that were destroying the city and killing citizens. Riley, Scar and Jetwingett beat Cymax, Cyber and Cybord. Jetwingett put all the information they needed to know from the time they were born. They then realized that what they did was wrong and they knew that Abriel killed them for a good reason. The three decided to help fight against Alphabot and Mr Lone. Abriel was on the roof of a building while Mr Lone was in a robot and started walking towards Abriel. Mr Lone kicks Abriel's stomach three times, beat Abriel until he was badly wounded, carried Abriel and threw him off the building. Mr Lone was walking back but he heard the sound of a robot behind him, he turns around and sees that Redwing was holding Abriel. Abriel enters Redwing and calls for the team to attack Mr Lone, they damaged his suit, beat him up, punched him and kicked him. Cymax cut off Mr Lone's legs, Scar cut off his arms, Cyber stabbed his stomach. Cybord pierced through his chest and squashed his heart and Lone died. The cybots went in the middle of the city and Abriel as leader gave each team member a task to do. Abriel let Redwing out and said,

Abriel: this is the fight of our lives, I know that we will never fight like this again as a full team. As you can see there are thousands of robots in the sky, we have to kill them, kill Alphabot and protect the citizens. Everyone look out for each other. If you get hurt, fight the pain and if you get killed, walk it off

Riley: so what do we do now

Abriel: we fight, Redwing stay with I have something for you. Cybord and Cyber attack the robots, Cymax and Riley save the citizens, Scar and Jetwingett stay low for any robots that will be appearing to attack the citizens.

They went on their way and Abriel said to Redwing

Abriel: Redwing if you sense that I'm in danger don't come to my rescue I'll handle Alphabot

Redwing: why don't I attack Alphabot and you help out? You know your condition is bad

Abriel: This is my fight. I'm the root cause of everything that has happened. Now go and help Riley and Cymax, that's an order!

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Abriel got the location to where Alphabot was. While Cybord and Cyber were fighting, lots of robots ganged up on them and blasted their heads off. Cybord and Cyber had too much positive energy while the robots that blasted their heads off had a lot of negative energy and that caused a huge explosion which killed 5000 robots in the air, Cybord and Cyber were among the robots that were killed. Some robots got to the ground where Jetwingett and Scar were fighting. They attacked Jetwingett. Scar had a plan to sacrifice herself. She yelled, calling the robots and insulted them. They went on and attacked Scar until she exploded and died. She destroyed 4999 robots, killed 6000 citizens and damaged 359 buildings. The robots in total were 10000 and only one is remaining, the original Alphabot. Abriel reached the last floor of the building that Alphabot was in. Alphabot said,

Alphabot: looking for me? you humans are to petty minded. Why didn't you come with your girlfriend, Redwing or is it already dead or will it die? Three of your recruits are dead and you come to me with no weapon or no amour and expect to defeat me. Well Abriel, let us end this now!

Alphabot grabbed Abriel and punched his face, Abriel dropped to the ground. Alphabot was about to smash his head, but Abriel kicked Alphabot and punched Alphabot while he was in pain. Abriel punched Alphabot until some of his pieces fell off of him. Abriel gets the pieces and uses them as weapons. Abriel then removed one of Alphabot's legs but Alphabot can still fly. Some minutes after Alphabot was beaten, he held Abriel and punched his stomach with all the strength required, drops him and says

Alphabot: I hope you're dead

But Abriel gets up slowly and says

Abriel: I Abriel Scotts will fight you until my dying breath.

Abriel checked how much life he was remaining with and the watch displayed that he only had 5% of his life remaining. Alphabot grabbed the weapon from Abriel, stabbed his stomach and kicked the weapon deeper into his stomach. Riley asked Redwing

Riley: Redwing aren't you supposed to be with Abriel? Where's Abriel? You let him fight that hell of a guy alone? You imbecile where is he lets go to him.

The remaining cybots rushed to the building were Abriel and Alphabot were. Most of them couldn't fly because they were in a bad condition. Abriel fought the pain, punched and kicked Alphabot. Alphabot got a very powerful gun but Abriel grabbed it and shot Alphabot, leaving him with no chest or stomach where by you can see through him.

As the cybots were running up the stairs they were scared even more. They could not use the elevator because it was damaged by Alphabot.

Abriel lied down and as Alphabot was falling, he fell right on Abriel's stomach, piercing right through his stomach. Abriel coughs, gets a pen and paper and writes on it, "CRITICAL YABARK, BOTS OUGHT TO SURVIVE" and eventually died. The remaining four arrived and saw that both Abriel and Alphabot were dead, saw the paper and wondered what Abriel meant. Riley, Cymax and Jetwingett cried but Redwing had to stay strong for the team. They buried Abriel, Cyber and Cybord but couldn't locate Scar's body. They patrolled the city, daily to ensure that it was safe and their life was normal for four years.

4 years later.....

After fixing New York City, the cybots were remembered for saving the citizens and they built a statue of all eight heroes. Redwing made and placed a device in A-17 which would make all robots appearances in human form. It just changed the way they looked on the outside but didn't change anything on the inside. It just made them look like humans but in the end, they can still change into robot form anytime. Cymax, Redwing and Jetwingett changed their appearances to human form. Redwing finally understood what Abriel wrote on the paper and told them that,


simply means



Gabriel Tembo: Abriel/iron steel

Smart Tembo: Alphabot

Nkonge Nkonge: Cymax/ Max

Priscilla Ciyena: Riley/ iron princess

Esther Tembo: Jetwingett

Kenneth Mukumba: Cyber/Mike

David Sichimwi: Cybord/Boass

Mwiinga Mayuni: Redwing

Nchimunya Nkonge: Scar

Mazunda Lupenga: Mr Lone


29th October, 2019



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