6 Cybots #4 return of Alphabot

3 years ago

Earth 595....New York City....2023

A girl by the name of Riley Ramirez was found dead one morning. Her relatives buried her but the thing was her heart just stopped for some time. some time later, her heart started pumping and when she woke up she found herself in a coffin and she was frightened. Some hours later, she managed to get out of the grave and found the entire city empty. 2 years later they just reappeared out of nowhere. She saw robots fighting and she decided to go help out in their next fight.

Present day

Earth 595....New York City.....January 2026

Abriel was preparing a grand celebration for defeating Alphabot but before that, he went for a check up for the condition that he was in and he found out that it had gotten worse. He was already 50% dead so if he was beaten or hit on his organs, he would be dying slowly. The cybots were celebrating for all conditions they came across. Abriel said

Abriel: this is for all our hard work. I will not always be there and when I die, Redwing will be leader. Now here's a toast for all accomplishments and all battles we have been through.

Some time later, there was a loud noise from the speakers and Alphabot appeared walking saying

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Alphabot: you already know that you will die soon and on top of that you'll die in my hands. You really thought you won, I will always cheat death you fool.

Alphabot hacked into the additional robots that Abriel made and he made the robots attack the cybots. Abriel made another robot like Redwing but it was not powered on, he named her Jetwingett but unfortunately that robot was stolen during the party. The rest of the cybots were stopping the robots that were attacking them and the citizens. During this time Scar was not in her right state of mind. Abriel called for Redwing as he jumped off a building and asked him

Abriel: where is wingett?

Redwing: she's gone. I think she was stolen

Abriel chased after Alphabot. Abriel said to Alphabot

Abriel: you don't know when to stop huh?

Alphabot: oh I know when to stop and that's when all of you are dead and by the way you know I know everything

Abriel: well then, if you know everything then you can know more.

Abriel gave Alphabot a lot of information of what he has gone through since 2018. Alphabot was about to explode but he fought the pain and beat Abriel. Abriel let Redwing out and ordered him to help the others and find Jetwingett. Alphabot punched Abriel on places where he knew Abriel had problems, he blasted flames at Abriel and cut off his left leg. Alphabot nearly killed Abriel but the girl who stole his robot called herself iron princess and arrived to help Abriel. Iron princess beat Alphabot nearly half to death but Alphabot ran away. Redwing arrived and got Jetwingett. Jetwingett said to Abriel

Jetwingett: please stop whatever it is you are about to do. Don't kill her. She is Riley Ramirez, a perfect person who suits me.

Abriel asked Riley

Abriel: why did you steal my robot, you thought you would help?

Riley: well yeah, you need me and don't reject me because I was there when you erased everyone from existence so I know what happened and if it wasn't for me you would've died. Please I need this kind of life, I've seen you on television and I really love you. I love your products and what you do.

Abriel did not accept her but she kept on pushing her luck. The cybots went in their warehouse, Abriel had a watch where it could show how much life of his has gone, he was already 69% dead. As he was talking to Redwing about telling the three the truth, Cyber already overheard them and said

Cyber: so it is true, we were actual human beings and you took that life away from us

Abriel: I was planning on telling you sooner.

Cyber: oh! Like how soon? When hell freezes over? When cows fly? when all nine planets collide?

Abriel: I was gathering the courage to tell you

Cyber: you're lucky I am a good friend of yours so I will no tell the rest just yet.

After saying that he shot a rocket on Abriel's stomach and left. Alphabot arrived with a huge missile on top of the cybots building and dropped it there. The entire city blew up. They all suited up and prepared to kill Alphabot and Riley showed up and kept on forcing herself in the team.


Redwing tried to stop Abriel thousands of times not to fight Alphabot because of his condition but Abriel kept saying that he was strong enough to survive. No matter what he fought the pain; Iron princess and iron steel went to Alphabot while the rest were fighting the robots. Alphabot beat up iron princess, he punched her, kicked her and threw her away for the other robots to blast her but she begun fighting them. Abriel let Redwing out so that he would go and help iron princess. Abriel fought Alphabot without his robot suit on. Alphabot blasted Abriel, grabbed him and started punching his stomach, at this time they were on top of a really tall building. Abriel was too weak to fight back due to his condition. He got swords from his watch that was linked to A-17. Abriel fought Alphabot until he exploded but he just upgraded himself into another body. Alphabot kicked Abriel's stomach four times and dropped him off the building. Abriel called for Redwing. Before Abriel hit the ground, Redwing caught him on time. Cymax, Cyber and Cybord fused, beat up Alphabot, split his body, threw one part of his body into outer space and the other, deep in the ocean. Abriel made all robots that Alphabot controlled explode. Scar was under repair.

3 months later.

Abriel went with Riley to the Eiffel tower and started dating her there but did not tell her about his condition. When they got back to New York, Redwing escorted Abriel to the hospital. He was told that he had to undergo surgery and after surgery he would be in a coma for five years for some reason. Abriel refused and said

Abriel: I will not undergo the surgery now, the world isn't safe. First I have to protect it then I'll come back and have my surgery

The doctor told him that his life was at risk, he only had 15% of his life and the only way was to undergo surgery but he still refused and went back to his apartment. Scar was okay and was going to help the cybots fully.

3 days later.

Cyber said to Cybord and Cymax

Cyber: I overheard Redwing and Abriel talking and they said we were live human beings and that Cymax was actually Max, a celebrity who got killed by Abriel. we all go killed by Abriel

Cymax: so he took our lives. We need to know everything, we need to know the truth and kill Abriel

When Jetwingett heard that she....



Gabriel Tembo: Abriel/iron steel

Smart Tembo: Alphabot

Nkonge Nkonge: Cymax/ Max

Priscilla Ciyena: Riley/ iron princess

Esther Tembo: Jetwingett

Kenneth Mukumba: Cyber/Mike

David Sichimwi: Cybord/Boass

Mwiinga Mayuni: Redwing

Nchimunya Nkonge: Scar


14th September, 2019



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