5 Cybots #3 revenge of the fallen betrayal

Earth 595....New York City.....2025

Abriel was apologizing to the four for what he did. they all accepted his apology. Redwing asked Abriel

Redwing: when will you tell the rest the truth about their real identities? That they were actually human beings especially Max, you took his life and he was a celebrity

Abriel: they will know soon but first I have to finish my job.

Redwing: no! Abriel you cannot fight anymore, you have slight internal injuries

Abriel ignored and went on with life. One day Cybord, Cymax and Cyber were walking and found a female robot and asked her, "who, who are you?" and she answered

Female Robot: I am Scar

Cybord and Cyber helped her into the apartment. Cymax blasted her but it back fired instead of her getting injured, it was Cymax who got injured. Cymax started getting part of his memory back but as deja vu. Abriel called Scar and was checking what was in her mind, he found out that she was made from the robots that he destroyed. Abriel told Redwing to kill her but before Redwing punched Scar, Cymax punched Redwing, Cyber, Cybord and Abriel on his stomach (where he was getting internal injuries) and flew away with Scar. Cymax said to Scar

Cymax: don't go back to those idiots, they will just kill you. So you should work with me to kill them because I think I was a normal person that died.

Scar: alright. I'll help you out but if you are lying to me or trying to pull a fast one on me, I will not hesitate to kill you for death is not a man, its a boy

Cymax wanted revenge on Abriel for betraying him. Cymax betrayed the team. His plan was to rule over all robots to control earth but that's the thing there are no more ordinary robots.

Earth 595....Washington D.C.....2025

Cymax went to Washington D.C in hiding but the cybots found them. Abriel grabbed Scar and started chocking her with his weapon the rokiller-machine and metal pieces started falling off Scar and formed a male robot, the male robot stood up and said

Male robot: I am Alphabot!

He blasted all the cybots away apart from Cymax and Scar. The cybots hid while planning what they were going to do next. Alphabot, Cymax and Scar destroyed the city. Alphabot then located the cybots and blasted them all the way to their city. Abriel called for Redwing and had a plan to wipe all robots from earth in order to kill them. Iron steel, Cyber and Cybord went in the apartment and made it a flying ship. Iron steel ordered them to remain in the apartment but Cyber and Cybord insisted on helping the citizens. The three villains arrived and attacked the other four. Alphabot was fighting Iron steel while Scar and Cymax were on Cybord and Cyber. They fought for some minutes. Iron steel hit Alphabot and flew towards A-17, Alphabot was following iron steel really fast. Cybord and Cyber were on their way but they were too late, Iron steel already hit the button so all the robots went down to earth and died except for Redwing because Abriel was in Redwing, as for Alphabot his body was split in half.

3 days later...

All robots were down. Even traffic lights but human beings were still on earth. Abriel and Redwing fixed Cymax's condition and fixed all robots apart from Alphabot who was just across Abriel's apartment. Abriel put a good chip in Scar.

Alphabot's body pieces were together and started reconnecting, as that was happening his finger started moving, meaning . To be continued.


Gabriel Tembo: Abriel/ iron steel

Nkonge Nkonge: Cymax

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Mwiinga Mayuni: Redwing

Kenneth Mukumba: Cyber

David Sichimwi: Cybord

Nchimunya Nkonge: Scar

Smart Tembo: Alphabot


8th September, 2019



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