3 Cybots #2 betrayal

Earth 595....NEW YORK CITY.... 2023

Abriel was walking with Redwing, showing him all the robots he would take care of when he dies, all the robots had a chip which made them networked. Redwing was going to be leader and protect all robots.

Abriel called Cybord, Cyber and Cymax and told them to respect Redwing's orders. Abriel made a certain type of strength for each robot. He made the three robots have 80st(strengths), Redwing had 680st, while the other robots had 50st's. Abriel sent the three home. Redwing was in shock after reading Abriel's mind. He saw that Abriel had a plan to wipe out the entire earth and rebuild it with his own robots and miniature robots including the robots he had with him, but if anyone were to stand in his way or betray him, he would surely destroy them. Redwing decided to quit being with Abriel.

Redwing asked Abriel, "why are you doing all this if you know you will destroy us? "

Abriel answered, "it's for your own good so live with it. "

Redwing punched Abriel's stomach and flew away to tell the rest. He was so scared, flying really fast. Redwing told Cyber, Cybord and Cymax about Abriel's plan. Abriel got a suit from one of his collections and all the other robots he made did what he wanted by killing off innocent citizens and destroying their belongings while the four were making plans to save earth and kill Abriel. Abriel broke into their hide out, but before he could kill all four, Redwing shot Iron steel(Abriel). Later on, Iron steel came out of his suit and brought a huge, strong magnet that stuck all four on it. He paused all four robots whereby they could not move, all that they could do was talk and think.

Abriel said to them, "you losers thought you could defeat me, I'll will tell you my plans because you're hopeless. I plan on going to A-17 out of earth and wipe out everyone living in it apart from myself and my robots and you'll obviously be a part of those getting wiped."

Iron steel went on his way to destroy everyone.

Cymax asked, "don't we have laser vision to disable the magnet? He just froze our bodies but something can still come out of our eyes. "

The rest agreed and used the laser vision to disable the magnet. They managed to escape and flew away to find Abriel. Right before Abriel reached the satellite Cyber grabbed him and dropped him down. The four attacked him. Abriel then beat three, but Cymax was scared so he hid. They fought for minutes, Redwing beat Abriel to the point that he was bleeding excessively. Abriel was punched 7 times in the stomach by Redwing , Cyber and Cybord. Redwing punched his face hard. Abriel then killed Redwing with a 1080st gun. Cybord could not bare watching so he killed himself by removing the chip in his brain. Iron steel reached the satellite and figured out that Redwing and Cybord were fixed and Abriel wanted to kill them badly. He could easily kill them with the watch linked to A-17. Iron steel then went back, killed Cymax, flew to the satellite and pressed a button on A-17 and they were all attracred back to earth except for Iron steel. Everyone was dead, he kept all the human bodies of earth in the same machine that he kept Max, Mike and Boass in after he killed them.

2 years later...

Earth 595.....New York City.... 2025

Abriel felt so bored with just robots around him and decided to reverse what he did. Everyone went to the last positions that they were on before they died. Everyone was brought back apart from the four. He destroyed all his robots and made them land on the same place, a random woman who was passing by was hit by one of the pieces, all the robot pieces connected and she was reborn as a robot, she had the strength of 1080st's. Abriel made 10 more robots but just ordinary ones not robots with minds of their own. He brought the four back to life and Abriel explained everything and he apologized. One day, Cyber, Cybord and Cymax were walking,  found a female robot and asked her, "who, who are you?"

She looked at them and said, "I am...

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To be continued in Cybots 3 revenge of the fallen betrayal

Read Chronicles of Abriel Scotts before reading Cybots 3


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