4 Chronicles of Abriel Scotts

Earth 595...California

Abriel Scotts was born in 1998,July 16th. Ever since he was eleven years old he wanted to become famous and to make awesome gadgets. Abriel was born in a family full of criminals. His brother, James Scotts was born in 1994, March 26. Abriel's father never liked Abriel because he never had much knowledge on being a criminal. His father told James to continue being evil because the world was a cruel place. His sister, Bethany Scotts, born in 2001, January 2. James took care of his sister and also trained her to become like the rest of the family.

In 2008, Abriel's father, Rory later moved on to take care of his other daughter who was Bethany's twin sister and never returned. James trained Bethany and Abriel on how to fight for years.

Earth 595....2017....November 12

James trained Bethany as well as Abriel who was planning on leaving California to go to New York and live on his own. But before that James stopped him and said,

James: woah! Hold up Abriel Scotts.

Abriel: what? James, what do you want?

James: where are you going? You're all packed up.

Abriel: I'm going to New York to finish working on my project

James: what project? You're leaving because you're ashamed of us right?

Abriel: I don't think you should know everything I'm planning, James. I'm leaving because I'm tired of being with criminals like you and Bethany. I'm going to be saving this world from criminals like you.

James: you know mother is dying so leave 30% of your blood for her. That's something you can do to help

Abriel: alright, I will!

Abriel gave his brother 30% of his blood in a small bottle not knowing that his mother already died that same day.

Abriel left for New York. A few minutes later, Bethany asked James

Bethany: why did you take 30% of his blood?

James: Because I know what his up to. What he is going to do will get him killed and when he dies, I'll use this blood to bring him back to life as an evil person as we both know that death is not a man, it's a boy.

Earth 595.....New York City.

Abriel arrived a few hours later and as he was walking, he bumped into a famous celebrity named Max Overunder.

Max Overunder is a famous celebrity known for making powerful gadgets he got to be very famous because of his father. His father used to run the most powerful company in the world and when his father died, he took it up. After Abriel bumped into Max he said

Abriel: oh no I'm so sorry sir, I just got here I'm new and I don't know my way around this city.

Max: no need to worry. So you say it's your first time here?

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Abriel: yes sir I'm.....(thought for some time) wait! Oh my God, you're Max Overunder the famous celebrity who makes cool gadgets. I also make my own though I'm not quite finished with my project.

Max: since you're not familiar with the city, I'll give you an apartment that you can live in and I'll help you make your dreams come true.

Abriel: oh wow! Thank you so much sir.

Max gave Abriel an apartment just right across his house. At this time Max was working on a weapon called the gunmax-guygun. Max provided everything for Abriel and Abriel didn't always depend on Max.

December 31st 2017

Abriel became successful, he was a famous celebrity known for making millions out of billions of robots and flying cars and so many awesome gadgets that surpassed what Max could make.

Max got jealous of Abriel. Abriel bought the apartment from Max. Max went to Abriel and said

Max: Abriel you're an ungrateful bastard. How dare you steal all my ideas

Abriel: Max. I don't know what you're talking about, I didn't ask for this life and you know that.

Max: you need to pay me back

Abriel: you are a fool. I'll just give you 100 billion dollars to pay for what you did for me and after that leave me alone.

Abriel did as they agreed and was in peace. Max and Abriel were no longer close friends or even friends at all. They were enemies instead. Abriel's life was okay for a year until....

On 26th December, 2018, Abriel made thousands of robots, he sold some, destroyed a lot and remained with four. Three among those were stolen and he remained with one, Redwing.


After Abriel killed the three, he decided to make a huge machine that would keep their bodies fresh, healthy and from rotting and he put their bodies in it. Abriel decided to make more robots. He saw that what James and Bethany were doing got out of hand. He saw on the news that they were wanted, they were killing innocent people and we're running an illegal syndicate. Abriel decided to go back to California with Redwing and the rest of the ordinary robots he made that weren't like Redwing.

California..... January, 2019

James was on a motor bike with a gun. He was from robbing a bank. Iron steel fired at James and damaged his bike. Abriel let Redwing out and James saw Abriel and said to him

James: Abriel! You are iron steel? Well it's good to know because I'll rip you and that live thing of yours apart and I'll steal whatever made you famous even if it means your face.

Abriel: that's how desperate you've become for money and wealth. On top of that you dragged Bethany into this.

James: you think it's money that I'm after? No! It's the world and don't forget I taught you all the fighting skills you know. So I made you, I formed you, I am basically you.

Abriel entered Redwing and beat up James while Bethany was almost done making a nuclear bomb to destroy cities.

Iron steel grabbed James and flew with him as high as possible and released him. As James was falling to his death, he ended up landing on one of Abriel's robots that he brought along so that saved James' life. Abriel went on a building and let Redwing out. Redwing asked Abriel

Redwing: Sir should I remain with you to protect you?

Abriel: No Redwing, I can manage to deal with James. Find Bethany and have her trapped and also find whatever they are hiding.

Abriel was on the roof of a really high building. James appeared wearing one of Abriel's robots, Abriel told A-17 to disable all robots.

Tip: Redwing cannot be disabled because he is not like the ordinary robots that Abriel made. He is a special kind that is just like a human but is robot.

James was able to exit the suit. James then grabbed Abriel and punched his face seven times. James later on got a gun and was planning on shooting Abriel but Abriel ran to the end of the building and jumped off it. Lucky for James, he was able to shoot Abriel's back twice. Bethany called James and told him that they should leave the country immediately because the bomb was about to explode. Redwing was flying so fast trying to find Bethany but he noticed that Abriel was falling off a building. James and Bethany got on a speed boat and began going as far away as possible from the bomb. As soon as Redwing caught Abriel, the bomb exploded and the people most affected were Bethany, James and Abriel. Some citizens died while some were injured badly. The bomb exploded the entire California. The bomb's impact hit the boat that James and Bethany were in which caused their boat to explode.

Abriel was in a comma for four years. People thought he would never wake up. The police found the bodies of Bethany and James and they were both in a comma even after Abriel woke up.

November 12, 2023

When Abriel woke up, he found out that California was still destroyed so he made lots of robots to help fix California. Everything was eventually back to normal, Abriel repaired Redwing fully and fixed up California this took about three weeks. He went back to New York and put all the robots in a place near his apartment. He decided to make the bodies of Max, Mike and Boass into robots that he called a group of Cybots meaning they were part robot, part human but he made their appearances into full robot so that they never know that they were full human.


After that, the earth was filled with robots. As Abriel was sitting in his apartment in an ordinary robot suit, the robots begun flying around and trying to destroy all robots. As he was panting while flying a black hole appeared in the sky and someone who looked exactly like Abriel showed up. He was the one controlling the robots. Abriel stood as the person was going towards him. Abriel then asked

Abriel: who the hell are you?

Debo: I'm death-boy

Abriel: why do you look exactly like me?

Debo: you are one of the smartest people on this planet and you can't figure it out. I'm the master of all universes and I will kill you and put an end to your earth when I return

Abriel: you can't touch me

Debo: well then, let's find out about that.

Debo threw lightning at Abriel (iron steel) but he dodged it and beat Debo. Abriel cut off his left eye, left leg and right hand. Abriel was about to cut off Debo's head but Debo controlled the robots to attack Abriel and Debo grew a robotic eye, metal arm and leg

Abriel was beaten badly but he blasted all the robots away from him. Abriel got a metal bar, ran towards Debo and tried to pluck off his other eye but he ended up giving him a long vertical scar on his right eye and a short vertical scar on his left eye. Debo grabbed Abriel, destroyed his suit and beat him until he passed out. Debo carried Abriel and threw him into a purple portal. He was falling for a year


Abriel got up and he got a new suit from his watch and after suiting up another huge portal opened and he fell into it.

Earth 989.....New York City...

Abriel saw lots of people who were about to kill him. He saw another person who looked exactly like him, they were about to kill him but the earth begun shaking and....


Earth 595.... New York City....2025

Abriel managed to get back to his earth and destroyed all robots and made them land on one spot. He reversed what he did and went on with life with the Cybots.

That's the story of what happened to Abriel in those 5 years that passed during part one and the 2 years that passed during part 2


31st AUGUST, 2020



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