Cybor Book


What happens when in the middle of your character select you died because of the plug circuit before you can even start your journey. Waking up in the dim room that full of plug and scientific cyberpunk lab, and the rest of your body is now metal Craps, only your brain is making you a normal human. What am I, a cyborg? Let's find out what would happen to his life as he was in the middle of a very virtual game that killed him in the first place. Note: Ello, Author here. Others should probably know me as my first novel is made of cooking that still not done and here am I making another one. Hope that this one should be a good start of mine, or a second chance? Credits for the Art - SoundHunter https://www.deviantart.com/soundhunter/art/Sniper-522124742

There is no text chapter for this article, so stay tuned!