"Ed...Why is there a living, breathing and not to mention, extremely attractive boy sleeping on my couch?" Azalea asked, pinching the bridge of her nose. Her uncle had always been weird but she had never imagined that he would break into her apartment and do THIS. On her couch sat a tall boy with black hair that fell down over his eyes, pale skin and a black hoodie, while his head was slumped down as he let out soft breaths of air.

"Lea, can you relax." he said, trying to keep her calm.

"No. I want an explanation." she crossed her arms.

After a moment of silence Ed finally released a breath of air.

"I was close to the kid's parents. I promised that I'd look after him, but then he got hurt in an accident that I failed to protect him from and he got some serious damage to his brain. So I found a way to fix the problem." he said as he looked to the ground.

"What the actual fuck, Ed? How did I not know about him? What accident? When did this happen? I have so many questions right now, but I'll ask them in a minute. How did you fix him though?" She asked exasperated.

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"You need to stop swearing. I'm much older than you." He replied with a grin which earned him a huge glare from the short girl. Ed let out a long sight before answering her last question "I had a way of programing him to think like a robot."



"Science, kid. But basically in order for him to be able to carry on living, he now has the thought process and emotions of a computer. He's still human and he has all his memories.....he just thinks differently now. He has the ability to think and feel how he used to but he has to learn how." he said with a somewhat proud but sad smile.

"Okay...that is some weird shit that I will ignore for now...but why is he here?"

"Well to make a long story short....you're going to teach him how to think like a human again.."