2 The secret of two

mr will you show me around? you may know cause we bump each other this morning

ken:ah haha okay

hmm i think she is good girl but she is in bad mood

in the morning

okay no problem*smile

travis:hey ken chan your spring has come i am too

happy for you

ken:she just want me to show me the school it's just




walking by i have many question in mind then suddenly

someone calls me

hey you four eyes nerd!

from the voice i knew that cute girl in the morning

but my mind refuses to accept

kim:hey four eyes can we talk in the roof?

ken:but you said that you want me to show around

the scho...

menacing stare



kim: hey four eyes let's just let me be clear did you

say to others about my attitude?

ken:what no

kim:good cause if i know you will tell others about it

i will smash that glasses in to your eyes*cute smile

ahhh so scary as i thought she is a delinquent

ken:ahh okay

kim:okay good okay i will go now

ken wait how about seeing you around the campus


when suddenly all i can see is clear sky

she is trip because of me grabbing her

wha my glasses there

kim hey four eyes are you okay

covering hes eyes

kim hey why are you covering your eye are you hurt?

ken:no not really

suddenly when i reach to my glasses a strong force

makes my hand covering my eye goes up

kim:let me see four eyes your eyes a bi....

wha this four eyes is si handsome i didn't really notice because of glasses.

grabs the glasses and wears

ken:umm im okay ms jung

hmm whats up with her she is not moving


what if she is hurt my glasses will smash into my eyes

kim:hey four eyes

ken:yes maam

good bye my peaceful life and my glasses


what did she just blush

kim:will you be my boyfriend


what did i just hear now is she asking me to be his ...