1 The first impression leave a big impact

This is the first day of school my name is Ken lee normal nerd student this is the first day of school

for others first day marks the exciting day.

actually im nervous not because of i want to meet new friends but to not others notice me(actually being bullied)I always hidden my face with my hair and my nerd glasses to not attract attention and to spend my days peacfully.(ringgg) oh the bell rings better run now(bump) i just bump on something stand up(Ken:are you okay?)standing up (girl: can't your goddam four eyes nerd see the way or are you blind)(ken:what a girl is she a delinquent but when i remember she is very cute but attitude nevermind)walks by its a girl wonder what's his name better go to classes now(ken:a there is my seat)(travis:hey ken chan how is your summer did ya pick some girlfriend?)(ken: no way haha really)this is travis my classmate and bestfriend he is really playboy but never mind"teacher enters the room(Teacher:okay guys nice to meet you my name is maki sensei i will be your home room teacher)(students:nice to meet you sensei)(Maki sensei:oh by the way we have a transfer student be sure to welcome her boys she is very cute)(ken:a transfer student?)(travis: did you hear that ken a cute transferee)'silence'(maki sensei: okay introduce your self) my name is kim jung nice to meet you all(student: is she a model she is very cute)

(student:the spring has come to this room)

(travis: look ken chan is she a goddess descended

from heaven)


(travis:ken chan are perhaps into her?)

(ken:huh no ah i was lost in thoughts)

that girl was in the morning that delinquent girl that i bump

step step

i was lost in thoughts in and confused that i didn't notice that she was beside me and suddenly

(kim:mr will you show me around)*smile

huh what why is she asking me?

ahh why not me

ken you bastard

and that day is last peaceful day that i yearn.

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