1 The day that changed my life

I was smuggling drugs instead having sex with men to support my habits: heroin, meth and pot for two simple reasons having sex with men was not natural to me even for money. They horror things like beat and **** me. As if didn't need any more of that in my life. I was born to Taliban sympathizer family who beat and tortured me or even tried to take my innocence from me. When my father an evil mullah or imam made his advances on me at age 12 I left then an there... for ever being with my stoner friends sleep on the couch never telling my secret. The emotional pain was so great that I cut, shot up and smoke up. I was by the age of eighteen to twenty five have been selling my self until one of my friends got be going to Columbia to smuggle drugs for a drug lord. So far I was lucky enough not to be caught yet.

But my luck was going to end today when I saw I thirty year old customs official from the CBSA Canada's border services with a pixie cut come grab me from my seat in front of a plane full of passengers.

When we got to secondary Mira when hostile to pure evil and then turned and concerned. She waved her co workers from my cell and started to bee gentle, sweet and caring.

"You know I could have put in prison for drug smuggling," she smirked. "Or....."

"Or what?" I said my voice trembling.

"Be my lover and only mine," Mira said kissing my neck. "And... only mine sweetie"

"You see I have had my how you say would say it my loving eye on you for quite some time"

"You can't force someone into loving, officer!" I squeaked. "I not something you can eye from Amazon, why me."

"Because I love you!" Mira said. "As for your passport I shall keep it to look at you sweet picture as I pleasure myself."

"Your fucking psycho and crooked?"I yelled.

She came to me saying "sweet sweet Kayla, how I loved you"

Mira tilted my head, her face coming to mine, she kissed me. I could feel her Silky texture of her tounge.

"So sweet my little Kayla," Mira smirked. "I love you!"

I was going to say I love you in return when she undid her belt and pants, that's when she I guessed wanting me to make love to her. She fingered her self, licking lips and begging me to make love to her.

I had to Mira for her beautiful and sweet face and intelligence beyound her years.

"Make love to me sweet Kayla."

I made love to her womanhood, massaging and kissing her womanhood. She rolled her hips to my tounges rhyth.

"Fuck that feel good sweet Kayla" she gasped stroking my hair gently running her fingers there it. "Can you make feel loved like this all the time!"

Intimidated I said yes, knowing what kind of commitment I was going to be in. That I was going to be her dirty junkie secret.

She yanked me by the ear and said she would help support my habit. "Do you mind being my dirty secret! My post 9/11 concubine."

"Yes I don't mind," I said.

Mira had that evil look about her again. I was at mira's mercy.

"The thing is you will wait for me in the airport hotel and we can love each other. Really love each other. And we do this every day I leave my boyfriend for you and you will make love to and be made love to by me."

"Sounds good Mira," I said.

She flew into yet another psychotic rage and said "that ma'am to you"

I started to sob, the officer then decided to be sweet to me again, "it's ok you can call me by my name sweet Kayla, you do more then please me I love you."

"You love me," I asked.

"Yes my junkie sweetheart," Mira said. We kissed after she got her pants on and did up her belt.

I really didn't know what her intentions were if there a pure or in pure I was singing a room here because they of the way she acted towards me and how she loved me. It didn't seem right I was with this woman all day. I didn't know her backstory but I knew she had something against criminals obviously with her job but she made it her womanly wiles to make love to them. If they were a female that was.

She took me to the airport hotel got me set up for the night and then she went back to work as if nothing happened she said that she would have fun with cuffs tonight if I wanted to."

I was in no position to say no because she would go into a rage. So I said yes so I would love to be cuffed to the bed after you're done your work.

" oh Kayla much I wanted to hear that from someone," she said kissing me. She embraced me more like caressed me until my clothes came off. Mira massage my breasts and made love them kiss them and suck on them before she went back to work. I must admit she was good looking in her uniform and turned me on for the first time in the day. She said for me to wait for her and gave me a book for me to read to wait out the day for her and then she was going to make love to me.

The book was the Tom Clancy book I guess she was in the Tom Clancy and she said it's OK for me to read it it's OK for women to read that sort of thing. And then rub my nose against hers and she planted a kiss on my cheek. That was the last I saw of her for the day. I didn't know if I wanted to play with myself or to make a getaway. But for the most part of me I wanted to stay and pleasure myself. While she was at work and wait for her and her loving.

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