6 Chapter 6 Breaking the news

Dr Antonio was sweating, he was angry and cursing himself "how could i have lost a colleague and my good friend? How am I going to tell her family??"

He came out of the theater and ran towards the locker room he felt dirty the blood on his hands were making him sick. He had to remove it. He felt as he had failed.

Antonio stood under the hot shower as he washed he cried "Natalie was my mentor, I looked up to her, I could have saved her but I don't know why she's given up on her fight to live". I need to find her husband Kay. ( unaware that Kay had also passed away).

Outside Sara wondered what had happened to the person next door to Charlie, "Is it Ruby?" she asked Jenny who went to investigate.

"yes Sara it's Ruby" she answered shes OK now, she woke up from the induced coma and the doctor had to put her back to sleep to help her recover."

"OK i will go and see her now, I was scared to think something might have happened to her too and I wasn't willing to watch her suffer". Sara sobbed.

Mark and Jonathan waited outside. Mark spoke to Andy and Ruth who were told just a while ago of what had happened. Ruth was looking for Sara to thank her of all she had done over the months to help plan and sort her wedding out but she was no where to be seen. Neither was Jenny. So she had rung Mark.

Mark had explained to Ruth about the fire and also the passing of Sara's father Kay. Ruth was devastated. She wanted to rush down to the hospital but Mark coaxed her to stay put and will inform her of any news.

Dr Antonio came looking for Kay. As he spoke to the nurses at the reception desk he found out that Kay also died due to his injuries. He stood in shock and couldn't believe that both couple had lost their lives. He asked "where are their children?"

The nurse informed him that the eldest daughter was sat with one of the twins in ICU. Also told him that both the twins were also injured only Sara was unharmed.

Jonathan watched as Dr Antonio seeked out Sara. As he approached her he introduced himself.

"hi Sara I'm Antonio, I'm your mums friend and colleague. I've worked with your mum for many years." He took a deep breath and continued "Sara I'm one of the doctors that was helping your mum in the operation theater. I'm sorry but I have some bad news. I'm sorry Sara I couldn't save your mum".

Sara held on to Dr Antonio as if she was going to fall, it felt as if the ground gave way and she could no longer feel her legs. She nearly fell to the floor and quickly Jonathan grabbed her. He held her as she burst in to heartbreaking cry. She had lost both her parents in just one night. She felt light headed and could no longer hold herself up and collapsed into Jonathan's arms. He held onto her tight and lifted her up as the doctor helped him to take her into a side room to recover.

Dr Antonio checked her over. Two nurses rushed over to help. Her heart rate was high and blood pressure shot up. He gave her instructions for the nurses to prepare some medication to calm her.

Jonathan worriedly looked at Sara's face she grew paler. The shock of losing her parents was high he should know as he had lost both his too. He knew exactly how she felt.

Sara woke suddenly asking after her mum. "Dr I need to see my mum" she rushed to get off the bed unaware she was attached to a line which the doctor had prescribed.

She yanked it out and got off the bed. Jenny grabbed her arm.

"wait Sara you collapsed you need to take it easy"

"how can I take it easy? I want to see my mum. Please Jenny come with me." She pleaded.

The doctor escorted them to a room next to the theater. The porters had not taken Natalie to the morgue just yet.

Sara held onto Jenny.

Jennys pov

My heart ached to see Sara like this. She was fully broken losing her parents. This fun loving girls who's eyes sparkled from mischief was no more. She had sullen eyes, they were swollen and red from all the tears she had shed.

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We walked over to the bed where her mum lay.

Natalie Black was the most beautiful woman in my eyes. She had jet black long hair with sparkling green eyes. She had a glow to the skin. She spoke gently and was always kind to everyone.

Jenny remembered on numerous occasions when she visited Sara how supportive and caring she was towards her family. She always put them first. This was a hard task for a working Doctor but she always made sure she made time for her family.

Natalie face showed burns down the left side of her face. She was pale and her skin seeped red. Her dark hair was cut down so that a wound could be treated on the side of her head. The rest of her body was covered.

Natalie's arm was at the side of her which was not covered by the white sheet that the hospital staff had covered her with. Sara came close with tears rolling down her face she held her mother's hand.

She sobbed "why did you have to leave me too. Dad's gone as well. Please wake up mum I need you the most now! Look mum Charlie and Ruby need you too" she continued talking as if her mum was just sleep and would get up any moment. "mum we still have loads to do. Charlie and Ruby are so young how are we all going to cope without you and dad. Please mummy you need to wake up" she had truly broken.

She lay her head on her mothers chest. Her mother felt cold. There was no longer life left in her. A woman who had dedicated her life in saving others lost her own.

As she spoke Jenny couldn't contain her tears. Jonathan eyes filled up. Mark held on to Jenny. "how do we help her Mark? I don't know what to do".

Jenny walked over to Sara and touched her shoulder. She turned to look and bellowed "look jenny talk some sense into my mom tell her she can't go anywhere who is going to care for us all?"

Jenny pulled her in an embraced and Sara hugged her and cried.

Jonathan could no longer contain his tears and quietly and slowly ushered out of the room..

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