5 Chapter 5 Operating Theater

Natalie Black is a famous, great surgeon, she ran her own department and specialised in Neurology. She is highly skilled in her field of work and many contacted her for guidence. Sara wants so much to be just like her. Natalie has a passion to give hope to patients that suffered brain damage. She dedicates her time and effort to help those that had greatly suffed, to live life with dignity. And if she could prolong or make their life easier she would try her best. This has always inspired Sara and shes always looked up to her mother. She is a great mother, wife and colleague. Natalie is well loved by many.

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In the theater, Dr Antonio was doing all he could to save his colleague. She had lost a lot of blood as well as being servearly burned.

Dr Allen also entered to help. "what do you want me to do?"

"I need you to help me stop this bleed. Shes lost loads of blood and all the bloods we have hooked her up with she's still losing it. I can't find the bleed!" he was sweating profoundly, the nurse dabbed his forehead with a towel.

Just then Natalie blood pressure dropped and her heart stopped.

"Come on Natalie don't do this to me". Dr Antonio grunted in frustration.

Dr Allen took over and managed to dig deeper and he had located the bleed he quickly clapped it and asked Dr Antonio to stitch it up.

But the machines kept on beeping there was something else wrong. Could it be another bleed?

It took them far too long to locate the second bleed. Natalie heart struggled and she had lost lot of blood. They had stitched up the bleeds and continued CPR to revive her heart but she wasn't fighting anymore. They continued for 20 minuted but there was no sign of recovery.

Dr Antonio was angry, he had never seen himself as a failure ever but looking at the lifeless body of Natalie Black who gave up on his operation theater bed. He couldn't save her.

"there isn't much we can do Antonio we have to call it in". Said Dr Allen.

Natalie Black passed away at 23.47pm..

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