Cursed: The Forbidden LoveCursed: The Forbidden Love

Cursed: The Forbidden Love

by Tatum_Whispers

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...From the minute Carson Antoni meets Tasnim Devereaux in an deserted alley, he is captivated by her. But there is secrets lurking in Tasnim's past, secrets that Carson will use to get the power he wants... .....~..... ...A sweet smell of lily and vanilla attack my senses. There is tiny figure pressed into my body. It is the body of a girl, her tight bosom is pushed into my sculpted chest. She must have one of those next to nothing crop tops on cause I can feel her naked skin touching the exposed skin of my abs. I slowly try to push her away but my hand gets tangled in her hair. She is soft and her smell is intoxicating, I do not want to let go. My voice is gentle but somewhat trembling as I speak to her "Miss, miss are you?" She does not say a word but instead she grabs onto me, her body is tight against mine. I can feel her chest rise and fall as she is breathing heavy. Her head is resting on my shoulder, I feel her warm breath on my ear. It sounds like she is whispering but I cannot hear... ...I almost whisper in her ear. It is like I just want to feel my lips against her skin "Is there something I can do? Tell me what I can do to help you?" She slowly pulls away as if she only now realize what has happen "Oh my god I am so sorry about that. I have a nasty habit of walking into things"... .....~..... ...She slowly moves away from my body, her heat leaving the closeness of mine too soon. She has the most piercing deep sparkle in her eyes. She looks at me and I swear it feels like she is looking straight into my soul. "Oh shit!" she utters in surprise "I walked into you again!"...

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