Cursed Love (Reincarnated in Forbidden Quest)
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Cursed Love (Reincarnated in Forbidden Quest)


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What is Cursed Love (Reincarnated in Forbidden Quest)

Cursed Love (Reincarnated in Forbidden Quest) is a popular web novel written by the author MADYAN_WANI, covering MAGICAL, REINCARNATION, PRINCEANDPRINCESS, ADVENTURE, FORBIDDENLOVE, TEENFICTION, ROMANCE, EASTERNFANTASY, STRONGFEMALEPROTAGONIST, KINGDOMBUILDING, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 40.5K readers with an average rating of 4.83/5 and 93 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 19 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"The phoenix and its protectors are bound in a forbidden love because a demon was feeding on their love flower. If the phoenix was unable to find the flower, the phoenix will lose its life." The Shuman kingdom had broken its chain with the Shemod kingdom. Now, they are rivals. Until Arnab sent a marriage proposal to Insha. Though both kingdoms are in enmity. Could the flower of their love bloom or not? Arnab wanted to seek vengeance on Insha's family because he knew that her parents killed his parents. The adventurous journey of rivals that were bound in cursed had started to bloom? Would the phoenix find its flower or the flower (aka protector ) would repeat the same tragedy? Could doomed love of phoenix and flower meet a new adventure?  …….. A lady in red attire was singing this poem. Arnab was a little mesmerized by the poem. She was pure white. She was a demure and alluring girl.  Arnab saw just her backside. She was singing the poem while moving forward. Arnab followed her instinctively. Then he saw a light...the white light from his body. It was emerging from his body and was going towards the girl. The girl when saw the light came backward but her face was covered. "Who are you ?" Arnab asked while he was in shock. "Me.  ...I am the master...the master who had been waiting for your arrival.." Then the lady laughed hysterically. Arnab saw a red light...The red light was flowing above her red. It then mixed with the white light of Arnab. Arnab did not think that he would meet her in his dreams. There were a lot of questions he wanted to ask. He wanted to see her face. But looking from her side...she looked in her 20s. Why was she covering her face? Arnab saw the lady coming towards her. He got alert and then he pulled out the knife quietly. He was waiting for the lady to act but…The lady stopped and frowned. "Do you think that I will let you off easily huh?" The lady said and then she lifted her hands. She crossed her arms to make an X mark with her arms. She then cast a spell... Arnab looked at her closely. She was a young girl and had a mole behind her lips. But the spells she was casting were forbidden... She then pounced on Arnab and stabbed his back. Arnab screamed..Protect me ..protect me.. The lady smiled and then left. Arnab was senseless. .......... My precious readers, English is my third language. There might be mistakes. Have mercy on my little mind. Lemme grab my almonds to hone my English skills and you can read my novel to point out typos. Let us strive to the end in this battle...I mean life...Xoxo Hit me on discord (Alovia) Madyan_Wani#9363 ( CTTO of the photo used )

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Hi , I am a newbie author .If you find any mistakes , kindly tell me or highlight it . The novel is being proof read. I would try to publish error free chaps. Even if any mistake is left ,bear with it. Xoxo ❤️🤗.


firstly, i love the back and forth between Insha and Shaams in the first chapter. OMG so great😌👍 The word usage, description and pacing of the story was 10/10 Strongly suggest you read it😊👍


A great book with well defined storyline, finely thought out concept, intricately designed characters with individual personalities, solid world building with a firm base, consists of mystery, action, magic twists and turns, romance, thrill, uncertainty and furthermore gives off dramatic effects! Thoroughly enjoyed!


This plot is unique and intriguing, You built a solid world and i like how descriptive it is. The first chapter was good, it made me crave for more. Althought there is only few chapters is not early to say that this story has potential. keep up the good work


The story is unique and captivating. It made me got hooked immediately. With talent and skills, this story will become something in the future! by the way, I am from review swap....Congrats and good luck!


[img=update] Hey I have been waiting for this. I hope you would update more chapters soon. I really like the story plot but do not know who will be the winner. Insha is a strong opponent. I really hate weak female lead. Yep I hope that you would continue to update soon. I am an avid reader. Hope you would not mind frequently updating. More power to you.


Reveal spoiler


this story feels so real and it is well written! it has me hooked already and i want to keep reading. the author did a great job in creating this story


To be honest your book are amazing and wonderful dear author you are an amazing writer who one in a million best book are been liked by me I usually don't really read these kind of books but I give it a try and I was amazed with the talent and words that are in it it touches my heart and that I really loved it right now I am running out of words that I don't know what to say I will say I rate this novel 100% of all my time that I could ever do I did my best to rate it to the best keep it up🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖 and continue to achieve perfection and all the best in the future thank you very much yours sincerely Vanessa dowlatram thank you very much for letting me comment on your book 😀😀😀🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖


"Picturesque". The author did really well in writing a visually attractive novel. Not too flowery, not too complicated descriptions made it easy to read. I love it! Thanks for sharing your story, author!


well, that was something unexpected from a book well underviewed with 35k views- being bit descriptive, this story is really nicely elaborated with it's every ends meeting the crave of the reader. I really loved this story and will look forward to read it.


Interesting read. For me first time reading about phoenix aspect. Wonder where it would lead? The names also pick the initial chuck making it more intriguing.


I've found your story very refreshing, it has picturesque scenes, the way you were able to write it off is fascinating. In terms of the personality of characters, they all are very unique, unlike the usual wooden-block ones.


Wow I am finding it hard to describe your work. It's really mesmerizing. I have already fallen for characters. The way you have described them giving unique speech, connects the reader to the characters. The descriptions, plots are simply amazing. The content is well planned. Your hard work is clearly visible. Good luck with your work author!! And those who like fantasy-romance, I strongly recommend them to add this book to their library just like I did😉


G'day mate. This book is pretty good, kept me hooked reading it. Good characters and world building. If you are thinking about reading this book, I would suggest that you give it a try :)


From the very beginning the novel takes reader's heart by most proper quality of writing, and the naturality of dialogues. The characters are built steadily, and share their secrets at a pleasant exciting rate. This is a book for any romance coneisseur, and as I'm not of such, I can only tell it as good, and that is saing much, as it leaved me in high spirits. (as I said I'm no romance fan) In my opinion the world development could be more frequent, but I understand love takes the first violin. I really appreciate the handiwork of writer, and look forward as writes something more of mine liking. (as main topic, I liked that novel, just it's not my stik.) I haven't graded stability of updates as I don't know about them. Hope U found that review usefull. (just graded it anyways, coz couldn't post, but the total score is the same.)


It's a great book. Fairly detailed and of high level English and has a great storyline as well. Good luck Author and I can't wait for more.


This book is intriguing & unique...Very promising characters...I read a few chapters and it showed a mixture of magic, mystery, love, action, cliffhangers and many more...there are a few errors which can be fixed by the author...highly recommended book...Great work, Author!


Great start, really enjoyed reading this novel. MC is likable and humourous. The world background is creative and imaginative and the descriptions add to the story. The flow of the story is great, keep up the great work author! I will look forward to ur updates.


A well described story of kingdoms and princesses and princes. With a past full of crossroads, between personal plots. Magic is the part that makes the story special. Be extravagant, beautiful and powerful. Be Charismatic, Galán and Intuititvo, What Characters! Prose and poetry of kingdoms, kings and princesses that delight the eyes that read and the hearts that dream of living like this.


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