Cursed Is He, the Ever-Blessed Silver. Book

novel - Fantasy

Cursed Is He, the Ever-Blessed Silver.


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"Ruthless and efficient. A perfect definition of what a king needed to be." "The first sines of human greed was a minimal and unnoticed corruption of thought." "Amir looks forward to them meeting again." "He does not feel any vanity in describing his good habits." “Well! If it isn’t my dear cousin, Amir?~” Amir was reborn as the crown prince after his unfortunate death, but due to a birth 'defect' he has has been restricted to the castle stince birth. He is not the most socially adabt and tries to avoid unnecessary confrontation, but he is protigy and the next to be king, but he's a sweet heart underneath all of that icy-frost, honest! So watch as he overcomes the many hurdles of his school life.


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