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Read Curse the Mainframe! novel written by the author Rxel on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering adventure, reincarnation, system, magic, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


F*ck the Mainframe! Approximately one minute and twenty-nine seconds ago, System No.00290596 receives a series of bad reviews, racking up a total of one thousand and fourteen bad reviews. Unfortunately for him, this leads to the Mainframe's punishment. Sent down to a random planet, Incantix, System No.00290596 has to assist the Main Character to complete his punishment. To learn how to become the perfect gentle character, that is (unfortunately) the goal. The System is not grumpy. Not at all. - Now in a human body rather than his System one, Alec goes through trials and tribulations of life. Societype? Magitype? What's that? Eh, a Main Character. Erm, another Main Character?! Why were there so many?! P.S. System prone to swearing. Why were there so many idiots surrounding him? Base rate: 7 chapters/week ; 1 chapter a day uploaded at 23:00 server time. Come chat with me: https://discord.gg/7bCWsuG Photo does not belong to me. Edited by the lovely ShinSungmi. :)


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Hello! Yet another shameless review from an aspiring author but that comes with being a writer, right? We'll always love our works like they're our firstborns (and no one can change our mind otherwise). This is not your typical novel with a System. In fact, the System is the Main Character for this novel (shocker!) though you probably already knew that from reading the summary. Right? Right. Our lovable, grumpy System, aka Alec, is about to undergo trials and tribulations whilst (hopefully) finding a lady love. Short-tempered and quick to anger, Alec is definitely going to be in for some trouble... Equipped with the weakest Magitype, and the most discriminated Societype, here comes Alec. Give it a try! You never know if you'll like it ;)


Curse the Mainframe! by Rxel is an atypical system story. It follow System No.00290596 (Or Alec, as he is named after that) in his punishment. Alec was the perfect system. Sending his hosts to be the protagonists of their worlds. Following the rule book to the letter. No privilege or bonus given. But well... as we know, systems that are liked are the bullied kind and those who twist the system's rules a little for their host. So our system is disliked. Hated even, by his hosts, so much that he gets enough bad reviews to be punished by the mainframe. So our indignant system was punished to be reincarnated in one of the system's worlds. There he encounters many opportunities of protagonists... without being one himself. We have to know that Alec is a system that lost a lot of his humanity. His comportement is more like a machine, without compassion for his hosts. So his punishment actually lead our antisocial Alec to regain some of his humanity. What is good is that System No.00290596 is actually influenced by the world he is in and really become Alec, the person he is reborn as. From the simple fact that he is Alec, his personality begin to change. So you may ask... why is he a system ? Couldn't he be just some antisocial human in some world ? Well, the fact that he is a system has a real influence. He views the world as a system. And... He IS a system. Who does the job of a system. It gives a whole other dimension to the novel. (SPOILER ALERT :: Just wait until he obtains 1000 system points, you will like it ;) ) That was for the story. The world is developed little by little, without big chunks of explanations. The systems of magic and the organisation of the social class is also interesting : Each person has his social class defined at birth. Even if you are born in a clan/sect or big family, you can still be trash at birth, or even worst, a criminal. The MC is also powerfull. He isn't OP, but he was still a system for some centuries or so, thus he has both intelligence and experience, which gives him quite the head start. He also has his own personality and isn't your generic MC. The side characters are also interesting, the stories doesn't focus much on them but doesn't disregard them either. Grammatically, the story is also well written, I didn't find many faults. The author has written quite a few novels before that, so you can expect some quality. In summary, it is a good system story that I warmly recommend.


Well, this is the second novel from the author that I'm reading and I will warn you. My review is extremely biased. One: Writing quality is awesome pawsome. Then again, English isn't my first language so if you are expecting exceedingly perfect English with proper prose / sentence structure etc then this isn't for you. If you want to read an awesome descriptive novel that has really good English and can bring you into its world: then dig in. Two: Author is always twisted. I mean, in terms of plot, shocks, different storyline and whatever else you can think of. It's not the typical run-of-the-mill story which is why it's so great. System is the MC. Come on, have you ever come across any novel with that sort of plot? Three: Author is cute. Well, in terms of responding and interacting with the readers. So if you like that, then come on in. In short, dig in. Get immersed. Get lost in Author's imagination.


The story is about a frustrated system ,which is punished by the mainframe and is transmigrated into a human body with condition. The inner turmoil of crazily enraged Alec and the system imposed calm is hilarious. There are few dark things to here and there, it's a full ride not just any one or two genre Give it a chance


I haven't been on this platform long, but as far as I can see, reincarnation plot points are very prevalent here. Normally this would annoy me as I'm not to fond of the trope, but I found this gem of a story! It twists the story of reincarnation, usually a blessing, into a curse! What more could I ask for? :D


This story has one blatant Problem, it just way to good to stop reading it. The MCs are nice side characters, the system a very convincing, socially awkward being and the world and magic interesting. I need sleep! F*** the Mainframe!


It's a good book I can't wait for more . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Lol, the system's name's so moutful, I want to type it's name here but I forgot since it's that long! But anyway, really, this is a good read one! I originally lost my way here in webnovel to read the system and cultivationshits, and seeing a gem right in front of me, i would be stupid if I won't put this in my library!


If you’re a sadistic piece of sht that likes watching the mc get trashed over and over by a stupid system then this is the perfect read for you.


It is a rather enjoyable story with an interesting plot ( went in a direction i didn't expect considering how it started but definitely not a bad direction) Content is varied without having mass info dumps. Plenty of character interaction and just enough romance that blends well with plot progression without spoiling it. Very recommended~


I have loved this book since the first time I have started reading it and haven't been able to stop reading the author has done amazing in keeping it interesting and has amazing character development. Truly amazing job keep up the good work.


What can I say? This novel is amazing! I absolutely recommend you to read this! It is extremely well written, with unexpected twists sometimes, and the characters are awesome too! The author, Rxel, is a great person! They take the time to read through their readers’ comments, like them, and reply to them. All the main characters are adorable, especially our MC, Alec. It amuses me when Alec has such an angelic, gentle smile on his face seemingly looking harmless while he thinks of murdering someone. I’m not very good at reviews so I don’t really know what to talk about, but I can guarantee I am in love with this novel. Please give it a try!


Honest review by someone who loves Fantasy novels Literally one of the best novels I’ve ever read. The starting plot was fantastic and rather than becoming boring as you progress it just keeps getting better! The humour has literally made me laugh until it hurt, every character is meaningful and memorable in some way or another, and finally the plots direction is unpredictable, and I mean that in a good way, it allows for you to really look forward to the next chapter wholeheartedly as you can’t wait to see what comes next! It really makes me sad that this novel isn’t anywhere on the home page when it deserves to be. The writing, plot, characters, literally everything is enjoyable. So when I see the trash that periodically appears on the front page, I can’t help but lament that they would allow rubbish like that up there but ignore the gem that is this novel. Finally, I can’t help but urge you to read this immediately, don’t just leave it in your library like I did, READ IT. You’ll enjoy it. This novel also deserves more reviews so it can appear on the front page and have more people revel in its majesty. So give it a 5 star review all ready, it doesn’t deserve in any less in my wholeheartedly honest opinion. Do it. Do it now. End


I’ve been following this story for a while, and it never ceases to surprise me. His story was good from the start, with good twists and good humor. But the truly amazing thing is how it keeps improving. Every time I’m impressed by an amazingly executed character portrayal or twist and think it couldn’t get any better, I am left in awe when he one ups himself and makes the next even better. Just thinking of the latest makes me sigh in appreciation. It was the most hilarious, satisfying, and surprising twist I’ve probably read...wait it envoIved something from beginning of the story...Gasp! He tricked us! He was a genius all along! Anyways, I ended up laughing for an hour, spaming him all my power stones, even those I use for other stories (which I probably will be doing for the next few days) and finally writing a review. How the hell is this guy not a bestselling published author making a crapton of money from his books???


Even though I haven't started to read this this,this fellow author is very friendly and a person you can relate, she made this novel so fun to read...She is also now one of my favorite authors too.This plot is so rare for me to find.And I hope readers out there to read this wonderful novel just like how wonderful the author is. :)


Nice ...............................................................................................................................................


I need more TT.TT


This is such a charming little novel. So glad I stumbled upon it. It has a different premise when it comes to reincarnation genre of novels. Has a lot of nice cute moments with fun humor and an interesting magic system with a bit of intrigue regarding our MC Alec’s history ( he would vehemently deny being a Main Character though) The quality of English is excellent, stable updates. Nothing infuriating or cringy here. Highly highly recommended 👍😘💗


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