Curse of the Crescent Moon Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Curse of the Crescent Moon


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She grew up in a loving family, but she never felt she belonged. She was always searching for an answer but never got the right one. Enterprising reporter Gavrielle Sinclair, orphaned at a very young age, strived to be the best in her field. While searching for new stories, she stumbled on a secret about her true identity. Now, she sought answers about her past. Successful CEO and Alpha King Matteo Sullivan sought revenge for the tragedy that befell his family. However, he discovered he had made a mistake. He had to find the real culprit before it was too late. Two families had lived in peace until fate crossed their path in one unfortunate incident. One family only wanted to protect their child from prosecution. Another family was a victim of the jealousy of one person wanting power. The two, Matteo and Gavrielle, were left to face the remnants of their past. Crossing paths, they were drawn together with an attraction they could not deny but a history that could tear them apart. What will it be for them once they discover the truth, death or love in the end? [Warning: Mature steamy content, slight violence (in the later chapters), and some inappropriate language] COVER PHOTO - Credit to the owner...


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