Current Earth: Supreme Hero Book

novel - Fantasy

Current Earth: Supreme Hero


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A Story Revolves around the time when current earth does not exists. 'After Earth or Current Earth' is the world of the current people resides, the founder and Survivors of Judgement Day and their decendants. In this world, cultures are united, can trade freely to otherworlds but one thing is different... An ODDITY, a superpowers after being born and awakened. Though,Oddity that wasn't common to the current populace, it was what they called gift. Why? Because they can defend themselves from Foriegn Aliens, Space Outlaws and Bandits with these newly emerge people.. And thats where they created a system called: HERO.. Good News is, they created a system Galaxy-wide, so HERO can freely dispatched to anotherworld as Mercenary, Hunter or whatnot. But its not just about their Story, its about Filip McMagick who isn't motivated to be a Hero and find it troublesome. And.. His unique Oddity and partner which transcend common sense