1 Chapter 1

Cupid sighed upon observing the humans, many in love and many out of love. Concentrating his eyes on a set of people, pulling his very detailed pink heart arrow back, aiming at the couple. Two sets of arrows shot out.

The couple felt a pang in their heart, as soon as they made eye contact their future was full of love. Cupid smiled at his success, his feathery wings carrying him around the magnificent city. And that is how Cupid spends his time on upcoming Valentine's day.

As Cupid himself was inspecting around the humans, he saw something that caught his eye. Not something, but someone. His eyes twinkled, staring at the pretty girl. Dropping himself onto the ground, hiding his wings and making sure his scar is hidden from his face.

Now, Julia was dreading Valentine's day. She got chocolate during highschool times but now she doesn't ever get anything. But that is okay, one day she will find someone perfect for herself.

A sigh escaped her lips, eyes trailing up from her book to a man strolling towards her. Straightening herself from her seat, a small smile crawled onto her face.

"Hello there," the handsome man smiled, "I was wondering what book you were reading, you seem pretty interested in it."

Julia had a smile reaching her eyes, "Oh, it's one of my favorite books to read. 'Cupid's Kiss'" she pointed her finger to the book, "You should read it sometime."

The man had a startled look on his face, but instantly hiding it, "I'll definitely read it, by the way! My name is Ero."

"That's a neat name, my name is Julia. I've never heard of that name before." Julia stood up, holding her hand out to shake his hand. He smiled, his teeth showing whilst reaching out to grab Julia's hand.

That's when Cupid knew his arrows would come in very handy.

Julia felt a vibration from her jeans, she was receiving a call, "Oh, I'm sorry but I have to go. It was really nice meeting you!" Julia grinned before running off.

As soon as she was outside, she beamed, "What a nice man," she then felt her phone going off again, "Oh yeah!" she hastily clutched her phone and answering it. "Hey, Julia! I was wondering if you'd like to go with me to this party that I was invited to. They told me I had to invite someone."

"That sounds fun, of course, I will! What time is it?" Julia walked to her house while chit-chatting with her friend, Lora.

"6:30, I'll also pick you up so be ready when I get there," Lora responded, "I'll end this call now, I'll see you later Julia! Bye!"

"Bye!" Julia responded before heading off to her cozy apartment, shoes making splash sounds with rain puddles.

Walking into her beige and white-colored apartment, her puppy leaped towards her swinging its tail thrilled to see their owner, Julia smiled and stroked the golden retrievers head before heading into her bedroom.

"What kind of party is it though?" Julia sighed, grabbing onto simple jeans and a pretty flowery shirt, "This is fine."

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